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NBC Trolls Bruins After 9-2 Dumpster Fire Versus Kings (TWEET)

bruins dumpster fire

Milan Lucic was probably happy that he is no longer on the Bruins especially after his new team, the Kings destroyed them 9-2 at TD Garden. Wow, Bruins fans I guess the Winter Classic was a barn burner compared to the this dumpster fire.

It was so downright embarrassing NBC trolled the Bruins and their fans:

Jesus, the pussification of the Boston Bruins is in full swing!

Not Big or Bad: The Pussification Of The Bruins

pussification of the boston bruins
Warning: If you are all about Unicorns and Cotton Candy when it comes to the Boston Bruins, this article will offend you.


pussification (noun): the state in which a society hockey team becomes less and less tough. This noun’s originator is the famous comedian George Carlin.

“We are undergoing a pussification of our entire society hockey team.”

The Big Bad Bruins are long, gone and hard to find. That leadership, mentality, toughness, and killer instinct went to Florida (Thornton), L.A. (Lucic), New York (Boychuck) & Columbus (Campbell).

Well, the Bruins wanted to go in a different direction with the fourth line so that is why the whole Merlot line is playing somewhere else. Now the “checking line” is neither gritty nor skilled. It’s basically a black hole for players who are underachieving or who should not even be with the parent club.

Granted Lucic would be asking for a lot of money if he went to free agency, but he is looking well worth it as the Jimmy Hayes and Brett Connolly experiments are failing miserably. Neither player can score or take the body, so what do they bring to the table?

The answer: I have NO F*CKING Idea!

If you do, please leave a comment below.

Then there is Johnny Boychuck. Yes, 95% of Bruins fans will say, it’s in the past, let it go.

No, I will not and I cannot.

Since Boychuck was given away like a 3 legged chair at a yard sale, the Bruins defense has been a debacle and that’s putting it mildly. Boychuck was/still is everything the B’s need right now…..TOUGH, GRITTYDEPENDABLE & CAN CLEAR THE DAMN CREASE! That trade more than any other has put the defense’s balls in a vice.

Chara and Seidenberg are not the same guys from 2011 or 2013 for that matter. Boychuck would have taken minutes off their aging shoulders and legs.

We can thank Peter Chiarelli’s assassination of the franchise to for this blue line debacle.

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Yes, Rob Gronkowski Is Undeniably A Male Stripper At Heart (VIDEO)

rob gronkowski

Gronk certainly seems to have a passion for dancing like a stripper just as much – if not more than football.

You may have seen Gronk on Conan a few nights ago. He recalled a night where he “accidentally” did some male stripping at a a bachelorette party in his college days and “made like $25”. Here is the clip below:

This isn’t the first time we have seen or heard of Gronk stripping.



In fact, just today he jumped right into what I’m sure was the ‘ole college routine on a Fox Sports reporter. In Gronk’s defense, she straight up asked him to give her a lap dance on broadcast, in front of thousands of people:

It’s great he plays the shy card when she first asks him to give her a lap dance. Again, probably part of the ‘ole routine.


And then there was that one time at the Globies Award Ceremony. Gronk broke out a similar, but quicker lap dance routine for a much, much older lady – and sat on her and practically killed her.

All the more power to ya, Gronk. There’s clearly a demand of female fans who enjoy your “services”. Some pro football players sign autographs, but not all fans want autographs. As long as he puts smiles on their faces, that’s what really matters!


Meet the Sox: Chris Young

 It wasn’t that long ago that Chris Young was in his prime. In his age 26 season (2010), Young was named an All Star while with the Arizona Diamondbacks. That season he hit .257, slugging .452 with 27 homeruns, 91 RBI and 28 stolen bases. Young was undoubtedly productive at the Major League level in 2010. His decline from that date, however, was notable.

The Boston Red Sox’ new fourth outfielder once finished 4th in Rookie of the Year voting. Now 31 years old, Chris Young is no longer youthful. In parts of 5 seasons since his All Star year, Young has taken on the role of a platoon outfielder while with the Diamondbacks, Oakland Athletics, New York Mets and most recently New York Yankees.

However, the dichotomy between early and late-career Chris Young is not as stark as one might assume:
From 2006-2010 (all while playing exclusively center field for Arizona), Young played in 628 games and swatted 98 homeruns, 296 RBI and stole 82 bases.

Patriots Fans Should Boycott Playboy After This Garbage (PHOTO)

patriots playboy

Rob Fee of Playboy.com comes off as a real comedian (he’s from Kentucky and must be a Bungles fan which is funny in itself) with his article “A Day In The Life Of A New England Patriots Fan”. His article appeared on that website that shows air brushed women and has articles that people allegedly read like this trash on January 7th.

playboy patriots fan hater

Then this Bungles loving clown decides to re-post this on Huffington Post only a few days after the Patriots lost to the Broncos in their bid to reach an incredible SEVENTH Super Bowl with the Hoodie and G.O.A.T. combo.

Guess it wasn’t funny 3 weeks ago and still isn’t now….so who is hatin’ on who Rob?

Mr. Fee, Patriots fans have every right to defend themselves and shield themselves from the Hate Train. Every team cheats, but the Patriots got the whistle blown on them for Spygate by a former employee, Eric Mangini who took part in “the cheating” when he was on Belichick’s staff.

Guess it was okay then, but not when it worked against him and the NYJ.

And we all know Deflategate is an utter disgrace when Tom Brady gets crucified for being “Generally Aware” of football pressure and Peyton Manning skates free while injecting HGH in his FIVEhead.

You all hate us because you aint us!

The Patriots weren’t always this good, we actually sucked so bad in the early 90’s that the team almost moved to f’n St. Louis, know that city who just lost their second franchise.

I have been a fan of this team for over 30 years (season ticket holder for 21), I have seen the GOOD (over the last 15 years), The BAD (most of the previous 40) & UGLY. So save your finger pointing , name calling and “humor” because We F*CKING EARNED THIS!

We stayed true to our hometown franchise and we are reaping the benefits….so sorry not sorry!

NOTE: Ok the goddess wearing the Pats shirt is WICKED HAWT!

Be Like Me – The Boston Celtics Edition (IMAGES)


As you may have noticed, there seem to be a lot of posts on Facebook that have a stick figure and a list of random facts listed. These Facebook posts are created through an app called “Be Like Me” and they seem to be the next Facebook craze that people are participating in. The Celtics Facebook fan page even went as far as creating one for Kelly Olynyk:


So to beat a dead horse (like we usually do with BST&N posts), we created a few more Boston Celtics “Be Like Me” images for your viewing pleasure:

Isaiah Jae (1) Marcus

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