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Malcolm Subban’s New Goalie Mask Is Outstanding Unlike His Play (PHOTOS)

malcolm subban

Goaltender Malcolm Subban, the Bruins first round pick in 2012, had another golden opportunity to seize the back up job, but nope.

He was sent down to Providence yet again.

Well at least, he has a cool mask he can showcase in the AHL.


malcolm subban mask


The Grim Reaper is very appropriate symbol choice for Subban because if he doesn’t make an impact this year, the reaper will be rapping on his door very soon.

Throwing his carcass on the pile of horrible first round picks in the Peter Chiarelli era.

Pot of Baked Beans Goes To Boston Bruins Reddit! 


A History of the New England Revolution

Head coach Jay Heaps

The New England Revolution Football Club is a United States-based professional soccer club that has its base at Foxborough in Massachusetts. The New England Revolution FC is a member of the Major League Soccer front and actively plays in the Eastern Conference of the League.

The team is one of  10 chartered MLS clubs as it has been actively competing in the MLS since its commencement.

Some might not know that Robert Kraft is the New England Revolution FC owner and is also the proud owner of The New England Patriots. Robert’s son, Jonathan Kraft is also a major investor of the club as he follows his father’s business acumen.

The name “Revolution” is coined about New England’s regional significant involvement during the American Revolution. Currently, the New England soccer club plays its home matches at the Gillette Stadium.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The New England Revolution soccer club played its home games previously at the adjacent but now demolished Foxboro Stadium. The team played at the stadium for five years starting from 1996 to 2001.

Foxboro_Stadium (1)

Picture of the now demolished Foxboro stadium

The New England Revolution club is the only original soccer club that has every league game it has played televised.

Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft’s New England Revolution team popularly referred to as The Revs scooped their major trophy during the 2007 US Open Cup. The year that followed, the Revs scooped the 2008 North American SuperLiga Cup.

On the downside; however, The Revs are yet to win an MLS Cup and an MLS Supporters’ Shield. Despite having featured in five different final matches in the MLS Cup and having the second greatest regular season record in 2005.

Picture of the MLS Cup held by a member of the Huston Dynamo after defeating the Revolution.

Picture of the MLS Cup held by a member of the Huston Dynamo after defeating the Revolution.

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Another Great Night at the 6th Annual Mayo Bowl (PHOTOS)

Mayo Bowl Logo

The New England Patriots have a lot to be proud about these days on the field and have a super bowl ring to show for it. One aspect of professional sports which gets overlooked is the role athletes have in the community. The Mayo Bowl has been a top-notch charity event for five years now and the 6th annual Mayo Bowl held on Monday was no different. Jerod Mayo hosted his teammates and families, guests, fans and sponsors alike to help raise over $400,000.00 for Boston Medical Center. The sold out fundraising event was held at Kings in Dedham, MA.

Players of past and present showed their support for the cause and came ready to bowl. Some of the current players there including Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Brandon Lafell, Danny Amendola, Devin McCourty, Chandler Jones, Rob Ninkovich, Malcolm Butler, Dont’a Hightower, Nate Solder and Stephen Gostkowski (bowling champion of the night). Former players included Andre Tippett, Tedy Bruschi and Vince Wilfork (and wife) who couldn’t make the event but recorded a video that was played during the event wishing the Mayo family nothing but the best.

The event kicked off with Mayo, along with wife Chantel, made a short but heartfelt speech in which they thanked their sponsors, teammates, fans and most importantly, the Boston Medical Center.

After the speech by Mayo, the players had some fun bowling while the fans were free to enjoy an array of tasty hors d’oeuvres and Sam Adams. The live auction followed bowling, with Jerod at the helm, and handily assisting Mayo in the process were the likes of Devin McCourty and Chandler Jones. There were many items donated by players that attendees bid on, including a signed and framed Tom Brady Jersey.

Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment did a fantastic job putting this charity event together thanks to them for having us again!). I’d also like to recognize the event sponsors Bob’s Discount Furniture and Citizen’s Bank. Most importantly, big shoutout to the Mayo family for once again playing host to one of the top player charity events in greater Boston. It is truly a great event for a great cause!

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Proof That Evolution Has Skipped Over Buffalo Bills Fans (VIDEO)

buffalo bills fans

Buffalo Bills fans must be crying in the shower still after the Patriots lit them up like the Fourth of July. Tom Brady (or the lady as Bills fans called him) threw for 466 yards and 3 TDS as the Pats rammed a 40 burger down the Bills throats.

I have never heard a fan base that has won absolutely NOTHING EVER, talk more sh*t. Here is some footage of Buffalo Bills fans delusions of grandeur….


Well Buffalo, yet again you are one pump chump.

You blew your wad in your pants before that blonde smokeshow even got her shirt off….

Thanks for the laughs and chuckles….your little Mafia is quite adorable like a box of stray rabies infested kittens.

Good try! Good Effort!

Enjoy watching the Patriots in January because you will have nothing else to do because the Sabres are going to blow too…

Patriots – Bills: Buffalo’s Pump Up Video Is So Cute & Adorable


patriots bills


Aww….those lovable little Buffalo Bills (and their fans). They are so adorable.

They talk so much (verbal diarrhea) that are as cute as 24 straight hours of kitten videos….I just can’t get enough!

The Bills and their Big Bad Mafia are making deflategate jokes that literally have me in tears…..EPIC side splitters and knee slappers.

Try the veal, they are here all night! Make sure to tip your waiters and waitresses!

But this pump up video takes the cake….Rock the Ralph (More like Bulldoze The Ralph and build a toxic waste dump)!


Nice 90’s techno music (or sound effects from Mario Brothers)…..are these highlights from the last game of the year in 2014 when the Patriots rested ALL their starters?

Buffalo, I beg you!

Stop embarrassing yourself!

Your team sucks…

Your stadium is not fit for high school football (I have been to that dump)….

And your city is just a zit on the taint of the United Sates.

So stop flapping your gums and actually beat Tom Brady and the Patriots for just the fourth time in your last TWENTY SEVEN tries!

And if your team actually does pull off the miracle will you be raising a banner?

Will it help you forget this?

See the Patriots don’t choke….

The Most Unimaginative Tom Brady Hatin’ Bills Jersey (PHOTO)

Tom Brady

It is no surprise that Buffalo Bills fans don’t like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady all that much. I mean when a guy DOMINATES you 23 out of 26 times, you tend to have reoccurring nightmares of TB12 lighting up your defense like the Fourth of July.

So how would a Buffalo Bills fan show his general disdain for the Greatest Of All-Time?

tom brady bills jersey

Sorry to break it to you dude, there is 0.0% chance that Tom Brady would get his hogan within a 100 mile radius of a pathetic Bills fan like you.

Great ones do not come in contact with habitual losers especially morons that drop a couple hundred dollars on an idiotic jersey.

Money well spent….dumb ass.

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