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The Best Twitter Reactions To The Emancipation Of Tom Brady

Brady Is Free

The Foxboro witch trails are finally over. After 7 months of being crucified on the NFL Shield, Tom Brady has finally been set free. The wounds on his wrists and feet will heal, but the NFL’s character assassination of the best quarterback of all-time will remain a gaping wound.

Judge Berman called Bullshit on the National Fraudulent League and the Twittersphere celebrated (well in New England anyways)….

Pretty sure we know who Donta Hightower is talking about….

Jules, I must admit, brilliant move news-jacking and making money on the NFL’s incompetence and utter stupidity…   Read more

Open Letter To NY Jets Fans: Shut Up Cheaters


GFY New York Jets


Dear Fans Of The NY Jets,

You are the most jealous and laughable fan base in all of sports.

You have not won anything of significance since 1969 when dudes wearing fur coats was still considered fashionable.

One of your many inept quarterbacks actually ran straight into his lineman’s ass resulting in the infamous “Butt Fumble” (in case your forgot, here it is again) which the whole country witnessed at they choked on their drumsticks in laughter on Thanksgiving night.

Your team actually fell for a fake spike (here it is again, in case you forgot this too).

Fireman Ed friggin’ retired because being a fan of the laughing stock of the NFL just wasn’t worth it anymore.

NY Jets

Bet Ed is home wearing his Brady jersey….he wants to be a winner and I don’t blame him.

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Gronk Channels The Ultimate Warrior & Macho Man In New Commercial (VIDEO)

Rob Gronkowski

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could easily have a career as a WWE superstar when his football playing days are over. Gronk has all the intangibles to be successful. He is a full blown nut, has a magnetic personality & he throws around his body with reckless abandon.

Check out his audition tape (commercial).

Gronk is a perfect mixture of the Ultimate Warrior & The Macho Man….

When are we going to see him at Wrestlemania?

I have a feeling very, very soon!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Wrestlezone!

Open Letter To The Haters Of The New England Patriots Everywhere

New England Patriots


Dear Legions Of New England Patriots Haters,

You know who you are.

You work in Bristol, CT or on Park Avenue.

You live in Indianapolis, Baltimore, NY, Pittsburgh or one of the other 27 NFL cities.

You think the Patriots are cheaters, schemers and rival the Nazis for the vilest tyranny that the earth has ever seen.

Bill Belichick is the devil bugging locker rooms and Tom Brady is the boogie man hiding in the officials’ room with a needle.

That’s your skewed perception, so let’s chat about reality shall we?

You are jealous of the model franchise of the NFL and perhaps of all sports.

You hate Robert Kraft because he has a built a 4X Super Bowl champion out of the former laughing stock of the league….yes the Patriots were pathetic and were within a whisker of becoming the St. Louis Stallions (we WERE you, but we got sick of sucking and did something about it).

You despise Bill Belichick because he can out-coach the other 31 JV teams in his f’n sleep. Don’t hate him because he knows the NFL rule book better than his own children (You stop whining yet, John Harbaugh?).

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Mass Craft Beer Maker Strikes Back At Indy Swill Producer For Tom Brady Sux Cans (PHOTO)

tom brady sux cans

Wow how much more butt hurt could Indianapolis Colts fans be that they have to wage a war against Tom Brady with craft beer?

I friggin’ love craft beer but bet your bottom dollar, there is 0.0% chance my lips touch a can of this Indy swill from Sun King Brewery (no I will not back link to this bath water maker).

However, I may want to try your “Whiny Bitch” ale so I can quench my thirst (for a fifth Lombardi) with the tears of my enemies….but I digress.

So, how do New Englanders respond?

In grand fashion of course….

My next trip to the Craft Beer Cellar in Westford,  I will be buying myself some Blue Hills Brewery nectar for their “Andrew Luck Sux” retaliation!

And hey Indy, you better get all liquored up for your annual beatdown delivered by the Patriots and TB12 on October 18th.

You hate us because you ain’t us (someone needs to make this brew)!

Cam Neely’s Comics Come Home To Be Held On Nov. 7th At TD Garden

comics come home

The Cam Neely Foundation will be bringing the 21st “Comics Come Home” to TD Garden on Saturday, November 7th. The best of the best will be bringing the laughs including host Denis Leary, Louis CK, Lenny Clarke, Chris Distefano, Jimmy Fallon, Christine Hurley, Ray Romano, Steven Wright & many more.

All proceeds will go to the Cam Neely Foundation for cancer care. Over the last 20 years, this incredible event has raised a mind blowing $8 million dollars! Funds raised at this show will help pay for Tufts Medical Center’s Marlene Neely Endoscopy Suite in memory of Cam’s mother who passed away from colon cancer.

Here is the ordering info:

The 2015 Comics Come Home is presented by DCU for Kids and co-sponsored by Raptor. Presale for the event begins Wednesday, August 12th at 10am. Public on sale begins on Friday, August 14th at 10am and can be purchased online at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling (800)745-3000.

We hope to see you there for this great cause!

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