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Chandler Jones’ Tweet Shows He Is Out For The Kill Tonight (PHOTO)

Chandler Jones

If a pictures speaks thousand words, Chandler Jones’ tweet says one, “Kill”. The Patriots defensive end is on the hunt for horse meat tonight in Denver.

chandler jones lion

Jones has been terrorizing quarterbacks all season with 10.5 sacks which is good for second in the NFL.

So with a depleted offense the defense must carry the day!

Go get ’em tiger I mean lion!

Hoodie Flashback: Watch Bill Belichick Make The BB PBJ (VIDEO)

Bill Belichick

Before Bill Belichick became the greatest NFL head coach in history leading the Patriots to four championships, he was coaching and cooking in Cleveland.

The Hoodie had some mad culinary skills, check out this video of him making his signature “BB PBJ” from way back in the 1990’s….

The only thing Bill is cooking now is the recipe to bring the Patriots their FIFTH Lombardi trophy…

Eat up Pats fans!

GRONKonomics: The Final Exam (PHOTOS)

Welcome to the final GRONKonomics! If this post was a college course, this would be finals week (and the exam). But congratulations, if you read all the GRONKonomics Capital One memes, you will pass Gronkonomics 101 exam with flying colors.

gronk classroom gronkonomics101

Here are your final two financial lessons, students. Make sure to take some notes! You will be quizzed by professor Gronkowski.

12250188_10153749983153210_8616800871081001861_n The hardest part of saving money is getting started. But once you get into the habit, it is easy. Just remember that saving every penny counts!

Rob Gronkowski funny coin protein shake

That’s it for our #GRONKonomics posts!

Special thanks to you, the readers, and to Capital One, for the partnership with BST&N.

Visit any of the three Capital One Café locations in Boston to learn more about how you can save!

Behind the Scenes of The #GRONKonomics Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

Welcome back to the third edition of #GRONKonomics. In this post, Gronk supplies with more financial savings tips, once again brought to you by Capital One. The Boston Sports Then and Now team also had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Rob Gronkowski photo shoot set at a Boston Capital One location! We have behind the scenes images and a video of the photo shoot later in the blog post.

First, the financial tips – because I know you all could learn a little something about managing money. And who doesn’t like that?

Here’s this week’s advice:

November 17 November 20

Read more

With Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox Bullpen Has Chance To Be Great

Craig Kimbrel is the new closer of the Boston Red Sox

Get used to this stance, Red Sox fans. Craig Kimbrel is your new closer.

Since arriving in Boston, Dave Dombrowski has repeatedly told the media that his first priority, to the surprise of many, was to bolster the bullpen. But here we are at the onset of the offseason, and it was a surprise to few to see rumors of the Red Sox trying to go after big name closers.

The Red Sox and Dombrowski ultimately opted to trade for Craig Kimbrel, acquiring him last Friday from the San Diego Padres. In return, the Padres received 4 Red Sox prospects, including the sought-after speedy OF Manuel Margot. 

Only 27, Kimbrel is a proven closer and 4-time all-star with the ability to touch the high 90s with his fastball. The Red Sox now have their long-term closer in Kimbrel, who is under team control through the 2017 season with a $13 million team option and $1 million buyout for 2018. The Red Sox also are less reliant on 41 year old Koji Uehara, who assumes the role of set-up man in the pen.

The acquisition of Kimbrel, also solidifies their set-up man, and seventh inning guy. Koji Uehara assumes the role of set-up man. Koji was able to gain 25 saves, and posted a respectable 2.25 ERA as a closer last year. In a less-pressure role, the Red Sox are expecting Koji to post a similar output to 2015. And if things go south for Koji, and injuries continue to plague the 41 year-old, last year’s setup man Junichi Tazawa, presumably slides back into the set-up man role.

WIth the acquisition of Kimbrel, Koji Uehara slides into the set-up man role in 2016.

Dombrowski may not be done with the bullpen additions. The Red Sox have a need for a lefty specialist out of the bullpen that needs to be addressed. As of now, Robbie Ross Jr. is the only left handed reliever in the bullpen.

The Red Sox are also actively looking for an “ace” starting pitcher this offseason. Assuming they get one through free agency, they may find themselves with an extra starting pitcher, since their rotation from 2015 is under contract for the next year. if the front office does not trade a pitcher away in the offseason, maybe someone like Joe Kelly gets added into the mix. Kelly, who can also reach upper 90s as a starter, would make sense to add to the bullpen as well.

It’s still early in the offseason, and Dombrowski has some tricks up his sleeve. It will be interesting to see how the bullpen progresses and what other pieces he will get his hands on. But Dombrowski is guy that stays true to his word-if he has intentions of building a strong bullpen, he’ll do it. Kimbrel is a pretty significant building block for it.

Gronk Texts Edelman About His Injury & Uses Some Odd Emojis (FUNNY)

Gronk Edelman

The Patriots will have to push on without their spark plug on offense, Julian Edelman after he broke his foot. That puts more pressure on the likes of Rob Gronkowski to pick up the slack.

Gronk decided to text his bro Julian Edelman to see how he was doing…..and the rest is EPIC…

gronk text 1

gronk 2

gronk text 3

gronk text 4

This didn’t happen or did it?

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Funny Or Die!


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