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Brad Marchand Just Riding A Brad Marchand Zamboni (PHOTOS)

brad marchand

Bruins Winger Brad Marchand Is All Smiles On His Zamboni

Bruins winger Brad Marchand is not concerned with all the trade rumors and other gossip of the NHL season. He rather spend his time riding a zampboni emblazoned with the Nose Faced Killah himself.

Hope that zamboni can float with all the rain coming down in New England on the Fourth.

Boo Mother Nature…you hate ‘Merica!

Free Agent Frenzy: Where Does Boston Stand Now?

jarome iginla

Where Do The Boston Bruins Look Now In Free Agency?

Yesterday, Boston Bruins fans were among some of the unhappiest in the league as a whole. While Buffalo and Florida picked up big names in the race to the cap floor, Chiarelli sat silently nursing the meager funds the team has to spend. The Western Conference as a whole became a conference of dynamite, and the B’s… well, they’ve only lost men. No one was signed, and UFA’s Shawn Thornton, Andrej Meszaros, and Jarome Iginla received new deals elsewhere.

Bruins fans have plenty cause to be concerned. According to CapGeek, the team is suffering from almost five million dollars in overages penalties, leaving somewhere around five million dollars to supplement the 12-man roster currently under contract. Here’s a handy list of who still needs to be signed, and how much money they might expect to receive next year, based on how they’ve played in the past:


Corey Potter, D- $600,000-$800,000


Torey Krug, D- $900,000-$3 million

Matt Bartkowski, D- $700,000-$900,000

Reilly Smith, RW- $900,000-$2 million

Jordan Caron, RW- $700,000-$900,000

Justin Florek, LW- $600,000-$800,000

The team also lost a first line forward when Iginla signed a 3-year contract with the Colorado Avalanche, a depth forward when Thornton signed with the Florida Panthers for $1.2 million, and an experienced defenseman when Meszaros went to the Buffalo Sabres. This means that in addition to the 4 to 7 million dollars the team needs to spend to bring back the six men listed above, there are now three open positions on the roster that need to be filled.

Many fans have been criticizing Peter Chiarelli for the loss of Iginla and Thornton on July 1st. After all, both players worked well for the team. With the situation the team’s finances are currently in, though, it just wasn’t feasible without losing a few key players. In order to re-sign Iggy, players like Brad Marchand, Johnny Boychuk, or even two or three smaller players (i.e. Krug, Bartkowski, Caron, Paille) would have had to be moved in order to clear up the cap space. Iginla had made it clear that he was looking for a multi-year deal at a price the Bruins couldn’t afford, and the Avs were able to provide that.

What does this mean for the team, though?

For starters, some of the younger players are going to get to see more ice time.  Players like Matt Fraser, Ryan Spooner, Matt Lindblad, and Anthony Camara should all expect to suit up wearing the spoked B next year instead of hanging around Providence. Newcomer Loui Eriksson, who had been a part of the trade with Dallas that sent Rich Peverley and Tyler Seguin south, might get moved up to the first line.

In addition, it’s likely that someone is going to get moved. Chiarelli made it clear that he didn’t want to change the current lineup very much, but the loss of Iginla will hurt if the team can’t find a way to replace him. Boston has never been big on 50-goal scorers and flashy superstars, instead relying on good team play and strong two-way defense… yet, without one of the team’s four 30-goal scorers, it’s likely that Boston won’t be quite the cup contender they have been for the past couple of years. The second line alone scored fifty goals, but the drop between that second line- which contained Alternate Captain Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and Reilly Smith- and the third line was drastic. While this was due in part to the line being plagued with injuries all season, this still suggests that the men called up to play for Chris Kelly and Loui Eriksson aren’t capable of producing the way the third line should on a team that rolls four lines.

My suggestions? Move players who aren’t performing well in the less tangible ways. Jordan Caron, who was the team’s extra forward on the roster, had some of the worst puck possession stats in the league- but also looked sloppy and unable to read his teammates in the same way that some of the younger guys, such as Lindblad, Spooner, and Fraser, could. Chris Kelly spent the majority of the season battling injuries, and wasn’t the kind of leader on-ice that he has been in the past. Matt Bartkowski was all over the place, having as many showings where he looked a hot mess as games where he looked on point. Moving one of these guys- all of whom are able to be moved in one way or another, according to their contracts- for someone who can provide tangible numbers might be what the team needs to do. Many of the providence forwards I mentioned earlier will be able to step up into good depth forward roles, leaving the team with only one or two spots needing a new guy.

Keep an eye out for any movement out of Boston, though- because when something happens, I have my money on it being big.

Red Sox Report: West Coast Struggle, Further Buries Sox

Red Sox Continue West Coast Struggles

The West Coast trips that the Red Sox used to enjoy in June and July the past few years are something of the past. Losers of five of six on the trip so far, the Sox send Clay Buchholz to the mound tonight in Seattle and he will be making his first start off the disabled list. Buchholz was said to have a hyperextended knee, but most feel it was all just in his head and his confidence was down so the team shut him down. He had two rehab starts in AAA Pawtucket which both went well, so the team has to hope he picks up in Seattle.

Clay Buchholz Red Sox

Clay Buchholz returns to the mound tonight in Seattle.

The rotation is now in a state of flux with Buchholz returning. Last night Jake Peavy did not help his case to stick in the rotation surrendering seven runs to the Seattle offense. Brandon Workman will start Friday in New York after serving his six game suspension. Rubby De La Rosa, has looked great in his starts, finally showing that he was the prize of the salary dump deal with the Dodgers in the summer of 2012. Felix Doubront’s return to the rotation last week in Oakland did not go well, as he could not get out of the fifth inning. The right choice right now is letting Workman and De La Rosa continue to take a regular turn in the rotation, but with Buchholz, Peavy and Doubront on the roster, that likely will be tough. Doubront did come out of the bullpen in mop up duty last night for two innings, so his turn in the rotation might be in question as well.

The Red Sox have the third worst record in the American League, is it time to focus on 2015? Today the Sox designated Chris Capuano for assignment, which could fuel a series of moves, riding themselves of veteran contracts in hopes of adding to a full farm system. Trading away prospects at this point, would be a true waste, too many teams are in contention to trade away a valuable bat that the Sox need in the middle of the lineup. Veterans to likely be gone by July 31st are A.J. Pierzynski, Jonny Gomes, and Jake Peavy. All three are free agents at the end of the season and will likely not be back with the team next year.

Koji Uehara and Stephen Drew also could also be dealt, Uehara is an interesting case, whether the team wants to chance resigning him in the offseason and seeing if he can be lights out again at age 40 remains to be seen. Stephen Drew has not been what the Red Sox hoped since the mid season signing. Drew, likely came back too soon and was nursing a sore quad for a few days after his debut. Also, moving Xander Bogaerts to third base has proved to be the wrong decision, as his offense has dipped. Some might say the two do not correlate but the writing is on the wall.

Xander Bogaerts Red Sox

Xander Bogaerts production has fallen since the signing of Stephen Drew.

Not saying it is over for these Red Sox, but this year’s team is not the team of 2013. The offense is not getting timely hits, the starting pitching is too inconsistent, and the moves Ben Cherington made did not turn into gold. Not every move a general manager makes is gold like his off season of 2012, but not finding another outfield bat is largely Cherington’s fault. Expecting Jackie Bradley Jr. to provide the same production as Jacoby Ellsbury was not happening. Daniel Nava over performed last season so a drop off had to be expected. And Shane Victorino was hurt most of the last season, so they had to expect the same for this year. The Red Sox do not return home until next Monday against the Cubs, the team will look the same as it left, but with many more questions marks on who is staying and who is going.

Bruins Draft Countdown Part III: Meet the Prospects

Boston Bruins 2014 Draft Countdown

Bruins Draft Countdown

The draft is only a couple of days away now, and Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has a lot of heavy decisions to make. An entire post could be dedicated to discussing the financial bind Chiarelli faces regarding the salary cap, but I think it’s equally important to familiarize ourselves with some of the more prominent draft prospects that the Bruins could look at acquiring. After all, the team is on a steadily improving trend of picking NHL-ready first-rounders, so whomever the team selects could become a familiar face sooner rather than later.

While NHL analyst Jimmy Murphy has suggested that the Bruins could be looking for a higher draft pick in Philadelphia, I’m going to start by looking at some viable options for Boston, should they retain the 25th selection spot.

One name I’ve seen tossed around quite a bit in relation to the B’s has been forward Josh Ho-Sang, currently one of the more controversial players in this year’s draft class.

Standing at just under six feet tall, this Windsor Spitfire winger was compared to Connor McDavid in playing ability- yet numerous teams have put the talented scorer on their ‘no-draft list’ because of his immense attitude. In numerous sit-downs with team scouts, Ho-Sang made it clear that he expected teams to conform to his playing style, rather than the other way around. He has an immense passion for the game, though, and is willing to take huge risks to win games in thrilling ways- so if he can develop some discipline and find a way to meet coaches and GM’s in the middle, this could be a true locker room leader in Boston’s future. On a team that prefers strong character to strong stats, Ho-Sang could truly excel.

Not everyone thinks that Boston would be willing to take that kind of risk, though, and the staff writers over at Fansided NHL’s prospect site, Frozen Futures, have pegged forward Nick Schmaltz as a strong possibility for the Bruins. Schmaltz may not have the kind of charisma that Ho-Sang does, but his larger stature and solid numbers make him a more physical fit in Boston. He’s also a quiet but smart playmaker, which is a quality that Chiarelli has been known to be fond of. As playmakers like Krejci, Bergeron, and Campbell get older, the team will need to find a younger replacement- and Schmaltz could be that guy.

Since it’s hard to consider that the team will be big players in the free trade market with so little cap space, though, it could serve the team well to invest in a higher pick. Packaging a pricier roster player such as Marchand or Boychuk with the 25th pick for a higher spot could mean drafting a player who will be NHL-ready much sooner. Play-savvy winger Kasperi Kapanen or even someone level-headed and mature like William Nylander could make a good fit for the B’s. Chiarelli already knows that something has to be done to free up some cap space if he has any hope of seeing players like Iginla and Torey Krug again next year, and this could be his solution.

Have any players you think I missed? Anything you’d like to see the Bruins do on Friday? Let me know, and keep an eye out for my analysis of what we do at the draft!

B’s Beat: Bruins Offseason Mailbag

bruins offseason mailbag

Break Out The Bruins Offseason Mailbag!

Hello everyone, the 2014 NHL Entry Draft is this Friday and it’s time for the Bruins to start planning for the upcoming season. We took this opportunity to answer some of your questions about the upcoming season.

Let’s begin.

Craig Wagaman: would love a list of who our UFAs and RFAs are (or a link to one)… thanks….:

Sure thing Craig, one site I always use is Capgeek.com. It is perfect for getting an idea of the B’s current cap situation, potential free agents, and bonus repercussions. It also has a cool feature called “Armchair GM” where you can acquire, sign, and trade any player and look at how the cap would work.

Ralph Roche: why did they get rid of Shawn Thornton?

It was tough to see Thornton go, but he did have to go, and it was pretty clear last season with the B’s was his last. He is going to be 38 years old going into next season and he has slowed down noticeably. The Bruins as a team are looking to get faster too. He will always be appreciated for his tenacity and presence on and off the ice, but the Bruins have a wealth of young NHL forwards that are ready to contribute.

Michael J. Ardolino: Do you think Chris Kelly, Gregory Campbell and Adam McQuaid are on the outs?

Difficult to say, the Bruins are pressed for cap at the time, but they have also come out and said that they will not be using any of their compliance buyouts. I would try and move Soup and Quaider because they would collectively open up $3.2 million in cap space. With this you could put Kelly down on the fourth line. You could also attempt to trade Kelly, but he is coming off of an injury, is a little overpaid, and has a no trade clause. The B’s are in a tough spot with the cap, and I am just as curious as you to see how they handle it.

Read more

B’s Beat: Boston Bruins Regular Season Schedule Released For 2014-5

 Boston Bruins regular season schedule for 2014-5

Boston Bruins regular season schedule released…

The Boston Bruins regular season schedule for 2014-5 has just been released by the NHL. Boston will open the season at home versus the Flyers on October 8th. The B’s will not have to wait until January to play the Hated Habs as they will face off on October 16th in Montreal. And will welcome the Canadiens to TD Garden on November 13th.

Who is ready for some hockey!? September can’t get here fast enough!

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