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The Crucifixion Of Tom Brady


The Crucifixion of Tom Brady

Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady will soon be nailed to the NFL Shield and will be made an example of.

Everyone outside the six New England States (well maybe not Connecticut) will salivate and feed their blood lust on the day of Brady’s crucifixion (suspension).

For what, what heinous act did he commit against the most powerful sports league on the earth?

Did he punch his wife in the face and knock her out cold like Ray Rice? No.

Did he whip his child with a tree branch like Adrian Peterson? No.

Did Tom Brady throw bleach on a woman’s face or drag her alongside a car like Terrell Suggs? No.

Did he sexually assault a woman in a bathroom like fellow Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger?

That would be another resounding NO.

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Patriots Players Living It Up At The Kentucky Derby (PHOTOS)

Patriots At The Kentucky Derby

Past and present Patriots players descended on this year’s Kentucky Derby. Of course no one made their presence more felt than Rob Gronkowski, as he was rocking a plaid suit to the big race.

Gronkowski at the Kentucky Derby

Gronk was found last night sporting a t-shirt and tie with teammates, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

Former Pats d-lineman Vince Wilfork was also in attendance along with Wes Welker and Lonnie Paxton.

Greatest sports day of the year for the Super Bowl Champions? Maybe February 1st was a tad bit greater….

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Red Sox Tweets of the Week: Hanley’s Helmet


Props to the Red Sox’ Hanley Ramirez for a huge month of April – 10 home runs and 22 RBI. The guy is straight mashing. He has more helmet-less home run trots than half the players in league do the old-fashioned way with helmets on.


Here are some of the best “Hanley helmet” tweets:

The Story Of Little Liam Fitzgerald Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

Liam Fitzgerald

You may know him as the “Fist Bump” kid or USA Today’s fan of the year. Boston Bruins fans and the people of New England just know him as little Liam Fitzgerald. The boy that has taken on Downs Syndrome AND Cancer like a champion.

He does not know the word QUIT.

Learn more about this amazing little boy from ESPN’s E:60 documentary.

It will surely melt your heart.

Love ya Liam!

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New York Post Hates On Tom Brady For White House Visit Conflict

Tom Brady

The HATE for the New England Patriots and now Tom Brady is just plain nauseating. Winning spawns jealousy and no place is more jealous than New York especially Jets land.

And the RAG Gang Green reads is the New York Post. They probably bow down to this tool, David K. Lee. When he is not writing about block busting news stories about auctions and craigslist, he is bashing 4 time Super Bowl Champion (3 more Super Bowls than the New York Jets, in case you are keeping score) Tom Brady.

I guess Nutty the squirrel wasn’t water skiing today….

David knows click bait with this title, “Tom Brady Blows Off Patriots Visit To White House”, well he got me…….pissed off.

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Celtics Playoffs..What Are The Odds? – With NBA Lines by Mybookie.ag

Isaiah Thomas leads Celtics

Isaiah Thomas has been a major reason why the Celtics had the second best record in the Eastern Conference since February 2nd.

I’ll be the first to say that I was right in my prediction of contending for a low-seed playoff spot, but how the Celtics reached this point nobody saw coming. This Celtics team proved a lot of doubters wrong thus far, and defied the NBA tank. The strange thing is, I’m convinced they aren’t done yet. That’s correct, I think the Boston Celtics could give the Cavaliers a run for their money, by either pushing the Cavs to 7 games or even taking the series. And if anyone else is feeling as bold as I am about the Celtics taking down the Cavs, you can go place NBA Odds for the series!

I’m going to play out a scenario, and you tell me if I am being overly optimistic, or completely sensible. Celtics upset the Cavs in 7 games. LeBron will get his 30+ points a night, but can only carry his team so far. Kevin Love, much like most of the season, struggles to fit into David Blatt’s offense. Kyrie is held in check by Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley. David Blatt, an untested NBA coach, gets out-coached by Brad Stevens. Celtics play as a team and move the ball around and keep Cleveland’s stars in check. Celtics take a few games early on in the series, and suddenly the Cavs are playing on their heels.

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