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Bruins Fans Must Boycott McDonalds After This (VIDEO)

Bruins fans must boycott McDonalds starting…well…yesterday! The Golden Arches have betrayed the Black & Gold by teaming up with the enemy, yep you guessed it….the Montreal Canadiens.

bruins fans boycott mcdonalds

If this season has not made you sick to your stomach enough, behold the Habs’ Max Pacioretty’s (who is a traitor being an American AND New Englander) new burger.

Wish these Bruins fans recognized him and called Big Z to “accidentally” body check him into a moving taxi…

Hey Montreal, of all the years this is not the one to f*ck with us, we are pissed off as it is!

You better pray we don’t make the playoffs…..

Bill Belichick Being A Boss Down In Florida (PHOTOS)

Bill Belichick

Every man that still breathes air should be mad….because they ain’t him…

So what does the best NFL coach of all time do when he has a little downtime?

Just acting like a complete boss with his gal pal down in Florida.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick just hanging with his eye candy lady Linda Holliday having fun in the sun working the phones…no big whoop.

Aint life good being the Hoodie?!?!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Bar Stool Sports!

Bruins On A Tear, Milan Lucic Rocks Out To…..Taylor Swift (VIDEO)

milan lucic

The month of March has been much kinder to the Bruins than February. The Bruins are on a tear, ripping of an 8-1-1 record in their last 10. They went from being on the edge of playoff oblivion to the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Every player has stepped it up especially Milan Lucic, since David Krejci went down and Ryan Spooner stepped in, Looch has a new jump in his step and is feeling the mojo. He is so relaxed that he finds time to rock out to Taylor Swift during his game versus Pittsburgh.

Rock on with your bad self Looch!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To @gorskic!

Incredible Field Level Footage Of Malcolm Butler’s Interception (VIDEO)

malcolm butler's interception

Weeks after the Patriots unbelievable Super Bowl victory, I can not stop watching fan reactions to Malcolm Butler’s Interception. As I relived that incredible moment in Boston sports history, I found this gem.

It will give you goosebumps guaranteed!

Super Bowl Champions…..F’n A!!!

Disgusted Bruins Fan Tosses 2011 Cup Champs Cap After Canucks Hat Trick (PHOTO)

After the Bruins rolled out that pile of crap they called an effort versus Vancouver, a fan of the Black & Gold had enough. And I don’t blame him/her one bit for kind of celebrating Vancouver’s hat trick out of pure disgust. Mental mistakes by the barrels, giving ZERO f*cks and just going through the motions….this is now called Bruins hockey.

So as a sign of protest on how Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli single handed wrecked a perennial Cup contender, this fan just tossed away the one good memory the team has has since 1972.


bruins fan

Don’t worry Bruins nation it’s just 37 years until the next cup!

Watch Patriots Fans Go Clinically Insane During Super Bowl 49 (VIDEOS)

Patriots fans go insane after butler pick

I seriously can’t get enough of the videos of Patriots fans going clinically insane during Super Bowl 49 after the “Pick heard around the world” by Malcolm Butler. The Patriots have rolled out a contest on social media called #SB49PatsReact where people can share their moments of euphoria and orgasmic celebration during the team’s FOURTH Super Bowl Championship.

This will never ever, never ever, never ever get old…..ever.

On to the ecstasy….

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