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Tom Brady Wants You To Wake Up & Get JACKED For SB49 (VIDEO)

tom brady

Tom Brady wants you to WAKE UP & Get JACKED For SB49 as this video that he posted on his Facebook page indicates! He has been on a mission since they said he was “washed up” at the beginning of the season. It HIS time to cement his legacy and give double freedom rockets to the legions of Patriots haters!

Is it 630 yet?

Tom F’N Brady! That is all!

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Rob Gronkowski Thought Lipitor Was For Erectile Dysfunction (VIDEO)

rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski played Marshawn Lynch in some Mortal Combat on Conan O’Brien. Innocent right? Harmless? It was all fun and games until Gronk got his drugs messed up….just slightly.

Wait for it….

Gronk doesn’t need Lipitor or Viagra, just plenty of KY….

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Julian Edelman & Sugar Shane Get Awkward In Smoothie Tyme (VIDEO)

julian edelman

When Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is not catching passes, throwing touchdowns or running back punts, he’s making Best Friend Smoothies with Sugar Shane Vereen.

And things may get a wee bit awkward…..

We hope both of them will be “Walking On Sunshine” at Super Bowl 49 in Arizona!

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Marshawn Lynch Grow Up & Talk To The Media (VIDEOS)

The guy who has been fined repeatedly by the NFL for not talking is now reaping the benefits. He stars in two new ads for Skittles (duh) and Progressive, both released on Superbowl Media Day, of all days, which is pretty much the opposite of Christmas to Marshawn Lynch.


While there are some gems in these ads, this is really an eff-you to the NFL. He must either really despise the NFL, or just really loves Skittles (he probably got paid in Skittles?). At least he is paying back the fines he racked up this year.

But seriously, like why even play in the NFL? I understand the NFL doesn’t exactly have its s*** together, but it’s still part of your job. If you don’t like it, get a new one. Hopefully he retires after a whoopin’ by the Pats and then the NFL won’t have to deal with him anymore.

And speaking of guys who don’t enjoy talking to the media, this could be the best photo of all time.
















He really seems to be enjoying himself.


This Patriots Montage Will Pump You Up Like A Deflated Football! (VIDEO)

patriots montage

Now that Deflategate AKA The Foxboro Witch Hunt is losing air steam after Bill Belichick laid the smack down, Patriots fans can FINALLY focus on Super Bowl 49!

No more talk (hopefully) about bladders, PSI, air gauges or f’n CHEATING! Let’s discuss how the Patriots are going to shut down Marshawn Lynch and outwit the Seahawks’ stout defense!

So start getting PUMPED UP (pun intended) & JACKED For The Big Game with this WICKED PISSAH Patriots Montage!

Let’s Go Patriots!


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