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Cam Neely Encapsulates How Every Bruins Fan Feels Right Now (VIDEO)

cam neely

Frustration. Disappointment. Downright Anger.


Team President Cam Neely encapsulates how every Bruins fan feels right now after yet another unsettling loss, this time to the Ottawa Senators at home.

Yeah Sea Bass I want to punch something or SOMEONE as well. Can you tell Peter to meet me at the bike rack behind TD Garden at 3PM?

B’s Beat: The Bruins Themed Wedding You Wish You Had (PHOTOS)


The only things fans of the Boston Bruins love more than the Spoked B are family and friends (sometimes that’s even be up for debate). However, when Big Bad Bruins Nation member Adrian Clifford shared her story about her Bruins themed engagement/wedding, the love for her husband and her adopted hockey team (she is from Florida originally and loved college football) were just fit to be tied….no shootout needed here.

See Adrian’s husband Andrew grew up in Everett, MA and had Black & Gold blood running through his veins from an early age.


You may recognize that guy on the left with a young Andrew and if you are a big enough fan you will also recognize the gent in the middle. If you are not a fan at all (not sure why you are reading this), those two men are Bruins legend Bobby Orr and former player/coach Steve Kasper.

Not bad company to keep for a young B’s fan.

Andrew moved to Vegas in 2000 to follow his career in hospitality management. Andrew met Adrian at the MGM Grand where they both worked at registration and struck up a friendship.

They were dating other people and Andrew moved, so they lost touch for over 8 years. As fate would have it, Andrew moved back to Vegas to work at a newly built resort.

He sent Adrian a Facebook friend request and the rest is history……


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B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Made The Blue Jackets Twitter Sad, Cam Neely Loves Boston Creme Pies (VIDEO)

Looks like Milan Lucic broke the hearts of (all two) Blue Jackets fans and the team’s twitter handle with his OT break away….


Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky had about a month to play the puck….oh well their loss and the Bruins gain in the standings!


Did you know that Bruins President Cam Neely loved Boston Creme pies?

You have to hand it to NBC for these creative spots for the Thanksgiving showdown against the Rangers. However, I would rather have a tough guy spineless puke instead of Mike Richter.

How about Ulfie?

Vancouver - New York Rangers

Sea Bass would have smothered the life out of that rat with that pie!

Two Pots Of Baked Beans Goes To Perfect Patrice and Hockey Tube!

Bruins Beat: A Young Cam Neely & The Boy That Took His Name (PHOTO)



“My mother’s prized possession, a signed photo of me with the hockey legend i was named after”

This fan’s mother is a DIE HARD Bruins fan. Besides getting Marchand’s autograph tattooed to your body, this is BIGGEST sign of dedication to your favorite player/team.

Well done, Mom, well done.


Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Reddit!


EPIC Boston Sports Art FAIL: Bruins Legends Bourque & Neely…..We Think (PHOTO)


The photo above is one of the most iconic images of two Boston Bruins legends, Ray Bourque and Cam Neely. They were the faces of the Back & Gold through the 80’s & 90’s.

Now of course fans want to pay homage to two of the best players ever to don the Spoked B, but sometimes things go terribly wrong.

Exhibit A: Boston Sports mural from a Sports Bar in northern Massachusetts.


Hey, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, but come on.

As an artist what makes you put down the paint brush and say whah la!?1


The only think he/she got right was the helmets.


Bruins-Penguins: Lucic’s Beat Down Of Cooke Looks A Lot Like Neely’s Pummeling Of Ulfie (VIDEOS)

Bruins forward Milan Lucic did what everyone wants to do to the Pens’ Matt Cooke…kick his cheapshotting ass. The Boston Bruins hate Matt Cooke especially after running Adam McQuaid through the boards earlier in the series and ending Marc Savard’s career in 2010.

Re-born my ass…..

Milan Lucic’s beat down of Cooke looked a lot like Cam Neely’s pummeling of Ulf Samuelsson back in 1993.

If you are old enough, you remember that Ulfie Samuelsson gave Neely a cheap knee to knee hit in the ’91 Wales Conference Finals.

That cheap shot, which Matt Cooke would be proud of , cut Neely’s career short due to the resulting knee and hip issues

The  Penguins goons have been doing this for over 20 years. No surprise Bruins fans and the players HATE Pittsburgh like hot fire.

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