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Red Sox, Cody Ross agree to terms

Cody Ross can't contain his excitement...he's taking his talents to Fenway

The Red Sox have agreed to sign outfielder Cody Ross, according to a plethora of sources. I don’t know who was the first to break it, may have Ken Rosenthal on twitter, but that’s not what’s really important. What’s important is that I am 1-for-1 in my offseason predictions and, when the Sox sign Roy Oswalt, I’ll be 2-for-2.

Joking aside, it’s honestly hard not to like this move for Boston. I know, anyone who has written about them has had the same feeling about Boston’s roster moves so far this offseason. It’s not a simple case of sipping the kool-aid. No one is, after this or any of the other moves, predicting the World Series for the Red Sox. If they are, they’re getting ahead of themselves. This team still needs to work on some things.

But it should be noted that, while the higher ups in the front office have imposed a “budget” on to their new GM, Cherington continues to make smart personnel decisions for his team. Yes, I realize that he has still yet to find another starting pitcher, which was a glaring hole on this team, but he has filled other spots. The bullpen was on par with the starting pitching in terms of overall effectiveness and he went out and acquired two nice, young, arms that will turn a weakness into a strength. And he did so without mortgaging the core of the team or its future. No matter how much you may like Jed Lowrie or Josh Reddick, neither one of them are essential to this team’s success right now.

The same can be said for Ross and the outfield position. It’s somewhat of a stretch to say the outfield or lineup was a weakness but the fact that both are lefty-heavy shouldn’t be ignored. Darnell McDonald was a long shot at best for the role (platoon/fourth OF) and they traded away Reddick who probably would have assumed that role. So, Cherington went out and got the guy he wanted for the right price — 1 year, $3M plus incentives, according to ESPN Boston’s Gordon Edes. As for what Ross brings to the team, he’s got a solid bat that can put up better numbers against left-handers. Not to mention that his offensive numbers should increase in hitter-friendly Fenway Park. Couple that with good defensive and Ross should complement to an otherwise all lefty outfield perfectly.

While we can now cross right-handed hitting outfielder off the shopping list, there’s still another item that remains; in large print capital letters. Yes, starting pitching still remains. Don’t worry though, with the money saved from trading Scutaro, Ben Cherington will go out and get Oswalt or maybe a guy like Wandy Rodriguez; I’m partial to Oswalt but that’s for my own selfish reasons (having correct predicitions). Then we can all go back to talking about the World Series again, like the beginning of last year. In any event, we’ll get to see video of Ross’ postseason heroics. Hopefully as an appetizer of things to come.

Red Sox Bargain Shopping Candidates: Right Field

JD Drew left a hole not only in our hearts but also in right field...who will take it?

News has been slow in the nation since the Red Sox acquired Andrew Bailey from the Athletics in exchange for Josh Reddick and two other prospects. That is, unless you consider Carlos Silva big news. While the front office being quiet isn’t exactly a bad thing, you get the feeling that the more they take a “wait and see approach” the more restless the fans are going to get. The team has holes and, for the most part, they haven’t been addressed; At least not to the point of appeasing the fan base.

One position of need still unfilled for this team is a new right fielder. With JD Drew gone, it’s going to be tough to fill the void he left in right field (as well as our hearts). I’m a fan of Darnell McDonald, and his story, but I think his days are numbered in Boston. He’s great depth but he hasn’t been able to hit consistently and that will force the team to look elsewhere to fill that need. Ryan Sweeney, whom the Sox acquired as part of the Bailey trade, seems to be in the same boat as McDonald in that his lack of consistency has impeded him; albeit he has been more consistent than McDonald. That, compounded by him hitting left handed in an already lefty-heavy outfield/lineup, will most likely force Sweeney to a platoon role.

So, to come up with a list of possible targets for right field, there are a few pre-requisites that need to be met. First, they should bat right handed. This thins out an already thin market but the outfield and lineup are already lefty-heavy. I would assume that management is looking for someone who can hit from the right side or at least switch. Next pre-req would be low cost. It’s starting to sound like a broken record but the front office is sticking to its guns so far on trying to spend lavishly; another outfielder is no exception. Lastly, and this is probably my own pre-req but, being able to play multiple positions, be they outfield or elsewhere, is definitely a plus. It helps with platooning and giving other players some days off if you have players that are a little more flexible.

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