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This Bruins Pump Up Montage Would Even Get The Easter Bunny Jacked (VIDEO)


Remember it was just ONE game.

The Bruins lost by only ONE goal scored by ONE of the best players on the planet.

FOUR victories to win a series….


So watch this damn Bruins pump up montage that would even jack up the FRIGGIN’ EASTER BUNNY!




GO B’s!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To BarStool Sports!

B’s Beat: Look Back At Patrice Bergeron’s 30 Goal Season (VIDEO)



What else can be said about Bruins’ alternate captain and growing legend Patrice Bergeron?

He is tough as nails, stellar defensively and dangerous with the puck on his stick. Bergy reached the 30 goal plateau for the first time since the 2005-2006 campaign.

Take a moment and look back at Bergy’s brilliant season….

Let’s hope he can add to his incredible resume with another Stanley Cup championship!

B’s Beat: Fight Hunger Pains, Get Your Thorty Black & Gold Sandwich At Michael’s Deli (PHOTO)


If you are fighting hunger pains at lunch stop by Michael’s Deli at Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA for a Thorty Black & Gold Sandwich.

Here is the sandwich description:

Black Romanian Pastrami, Cheddar Cheese, Honey-Mustard, Hots on a Bulkie Roll  

They will be donating $1 from each sale to the Thornton Foundation which is Shawn Thornton’s charity that helps raise money to fight cancer and Parkinson’s.

Great eats for a great cause!

This Tricked Out Boston Bruins 18 Wheeler Is 40 Tons Of BadAssery (PHOTOS)


I can’t describe how BAD ASS this Boston Bruins 18 wheeler is. Peter Lyons of Templeton, MA must haul ass down the road, not having a care in the world blaring “Black Betty” as he gives the other 29 teams in the NHL the middle finger.

I hope he has Detroit on his current road trip throwing Black & Gold spray painted Octupi out the window!

We need to start a Black & Gold Convoy!


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