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B’s Beat: Bring On The Red Wings….GULP!


The Bruins Stanley Cup first round match-up has been set. The Black & Gold will take on their Original Six brethren, the Detroit Red Wings and I am a wee bit scared.

The Bruins ran away with the division after a scorching hot 15-1-1 March, but the Red Wings gave the B’s everything they could handle during the regular season, beating Boston 3 out of 4 games.  As Joe Haggerty Of CSNNE pointed out, two of those loses were without Red Wings’ ALL WORLD forward Pavel Datsyuk in the line-up. And captain Henrik Zetterberg has also missed considerable time. 

Unfortunately, the Bruins don’t pick their opponents and the Columbus Blue Jackets didn’t do the B’s any favors staying hot down the stretch to secure the 7th seed (they will face Pittsburgh in the first round).  Columbus would have been a much better match-up especially due to the their lack of playoff experience.  The Red Wings are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as they are very battle tested. Detroit recently secured their 23rd straight playoff berth which is the longest current streak in the NHL.

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B’s Beat: Watch Bobby Orr Soar Through The Air….Again & Again & Again (GIF)


For Bruins fans, nothing is more iconic than Bobby Orr soaring through the air to win the 1970 Stanley Cup.

We have all seen the video footage, but I could seriously watch this GIF ALL DAY!


My only regret is I NEVER saw Bobby Orr play live….so this will have to do.


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B’s Beat: Former Canucks GM Mike Gillis Truly Thought The 2011 Stanley Cup Final Was Over After Game Two (AUDIO)


All fans of the Boston Bruins were aware of the arrogance of the Vancouver Canucks during the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. The team & their fans thought the series was all but over after their Game Two victory. However, no one was oozing with more confidence than now former GM Mike Gillis.

James Dunthie of TSN recently shared this story:

Quick story: at the Cup Final, Vancouver wins the first two games in Vancouver. We go to Boston. We have our crew meal out at this Italian restaurant in Boston, so everybody. There’s like 30 people there. The cameramen, everybody.

Gillis and Aquilini happen to come into the same restaurant and they pop into the back room with us.

Aquilini barely said a word. Really nice — he bought several $500 bottle of wine. He bought a $2000 bottle of tequila that was spread around our crew, and he sat there, and Mike Gillis basically sat there and talked about how he built a champion.

And I sat there at that moment, like, listening to him — they were very nice — but, there was… Mike Gillis talked like he’d already won the Stanley Cup.

And I walked out of there going, man, if they lose this, like, he really thinks they’ve won the Stanley Cup. And Aquilini, the way he’s throwing around the booze — again, really nice guy, thank you, I appreciated the shot, my $400 shot of tequila or whatever it was — but they were acting like champions already.

Any surprise that the Canucks arrogance came to bite them right in the hind quarters?

Mike Gillis built this culture in Vancouver and it backfired in the worst way since they fell to the Bruins in 2011.

They won ONE single playoff game.

Gillis got rid of BOTH of his “franchise” goaltenders.

Karma is a B*TCH, it cost Mike Gillis his job & rightfully so.

What Every Eastern Conference Playoff Team’s Fanbase Is Praying To The Hockey Gods For (VIDEO)

The Boston Bruins have been BIG & BAD this season, laying waste to the NHL in March perching themselves on top of the league.

The fans of the Pens, Flyers, Habs, Lightning, Jackets, Rangers & Wings are doing their playoff duty praying to the hockey gods…

Keep praying & rocking the same underwear because you are going to need it!




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B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Rocking Johnny Bucyk’s “All Guts, No Glory” Game Jacket (VIDEO)


Since the Bruins Stanley Cup run of 2011, the team has awarded a jacket (or chain) to the player who was the star of the game.


Former defenseman Andrew Ference started the tradition and Bruins captain Zdeno Chara took the torch after Ference’s departure to Edmonton.


This time around, it was The Captain, Zdeno Chara, who decided to acquire the new jacket from the Bruins’ legend that has been a part of the organization for more than 50 years.

“Being the Captain, he stepped up and carried the tradition,” said Lucic.


Milan Lucic was awarded the jacket after his two goal performance versus the Flyers which sewed up the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Let’s hope that jacket is awarded 16 more times and Lord Stanley is wearing it after the dust settles! 

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