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Celtics Tweets of Interest: C’s Unveil Alternate Jersey

boston-celtics-logo (2)The Boston Celtics have endured a long week. When the Celtics defeated the Indiana Pacers on Friday night, the celebratory mood was subdued over the left ankle injury to Marcus Smart. After the game, the team announced that Rajon Rondo would miss Saturday’s game in Chicago against the Bulls because Rondo needs to get a screw removed from his surgically repaired left hand.

Also, the Celtics dropped three straight games during the week. The Celtics went 1-for-25 from beyond the three-point line against the Houston Rockets. On Monday, the Celtics fell behind as many as 30 points in the first half in Dallas. Despite a late comeback, the Celtics lost 118-113, to the Mavericks. Then the Celtics blew a 16-point advantage before falling, 110-107, when they hosted the Toronto Raptors.

Danny Ainge said Smart will be out at least two to three weeks with a left ankle sprain according to Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald. The rookie guard was showing promise as a tenacious defender who could guard multiple positions. He showed an improving shot from the perimeter through the first five games.

Here are the tweets:

Emily Austen of celtics.com sent this tweet on Thursday night when the Celtics displayed their gray-sleeved uniform. I am not a big fan of the sleeve jersey and the color of this shirt. The Celtics should just stick to “Green Runs Deep.” The picture shows guards Avery Bradley (left) and Smart (right) showing off the alternate uniform.

Smart was able to play in front of family and friends in Houston and Dallas this week. The Celtics top draft choice thanked all of his supporters, including posting a picture of this young Celtics fan wearing his jersey. Smart was born in Dallas and there were dozens of family and friends to cheer for the rookie guard.

Celtics Circuit: C’s Release 2014-’15 Schedule

Will the 2014-'15 season be Rajon Rondo's last year with the Boston Celtics?

Will the 2014-’15 season be Rajon Rondo’s last year with the Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics released their schedule for the 2014-’15 season on Wednesday.  The Celtics will play only one nationally televised game on January 14th at home against the Atlanta Hawks. This means the Celtics are not a premier team in the NBA.

Their lone star (Rajon Rondo) is in the final year of his contract. Their roster is filled with either players who have been disappointments (Jeff Green, Evan Turner, and Tyler Zeller) and rookies like Marcus Smart and James Young.

The Celtics schedule in November looks to be daunting. They have to travel to Houston (Rockets), Dallas (Mavericks), and Chicago Bulls. The only game where they could be favored is on the road against the Philadelphia 76ers. Then they have a six-game road trip through the Western Conference from January 19th through January 28th.

Here are some notable games for Celtics fans to look forward to.

-October 29th – The Celtics open the season versus the Brooklyn Nets at the Garden. Kevin Garnett could be back with the Nets. This might be Garnett’s final season in the NBA.

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Celtics Circuit: C’s Pick Sixth In Draft

Will the Boston Celtics receive Kevin Love this summer?

Will the Boston Celtics receive Kevin Love this summer?

Throughout the 2013-’14 NBA season, Boston Celtics’ fans pointed to the NBA Lottery to see if the Celtics would be able to land a top pick in the Draft.

On Tuesday night, the Celtics learned their fate. The fans were disappointed when they found out that the Celtics were outside the top five. Instead, the Celtics will have the sixth selection in the Draft on June 26th.

Like in 1997 and 2007, the Celtics were hoping they would have the number one pick. Those lottery balls did not roll in the favor of the franchise for the third time in 17 years.

This year’s draft includes standout prospects such as Jabari Parker, Joel Embid, and Andrew Wiggins.

Over the past week, there has been rampant speculation that Kevin Love would not resign with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Since Love will become a free agent in the summer of 2015, the Timberwolves could seek a trade before the 2014 NBA Draft. The Celtics are one of the teams who could have enough players or picks to appease the Timberwolves in a trade proposal. They could offer young players such as Jared Sullinger or Kelly Olynyk and any of the nine first-round picks that the Celtics own over the next five years. The trade would be contingent on whether Love wants to extend his contract with the Celtics.

Love, who averaged 26.1 points and 12.5 rebounds, has played with the Timberwolves for six years since he was drafted in 2008. The 6-foot-10-inch power forward has never made the playoffs in his career. He is a three-time All-Star. Love played at UCLA before he was drafted fifth overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in 2008. The Grizzlies then sent Love to the Timberwolves for third-overall pick O.J. Mayo as part of an eight-player trade.

The Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Phoenix Suns are all possible destinations for Love.

This was just the first domino to fall in an interesting offseason that could either answer some questions for the future of the Celtics or leave the Celtics in limbo.


Celtics Remain Quiet At Deadline

Celtics forward Brandon Bass will stay with the team for the remainder of the season.

Celtics forward Brandon Bass will stay with the team for the remainder of the season.

The Boston Celtics did not make any moves before the NBA Trade Deadline expired at 3 PM on Thursday.

Overall, the whole day proved to be a dud with only minor moves being made. The biggest deal was the Indiana Pacers receiving Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen from the Philadelphia 76ers for Danny Granger.

The Celtics were unable to unload contracts like Brandon Bass and Jeff Green. Teams were unwilling to surrender their first-round picks, which weakened the market for Bass, Green, and Kris Humphries.

During the week, several reports swirled that Rajon Rondo could be sent to the Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings, and Toronto Raptors. Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears reported the Kings offered Ben McLemore, Isaiah Thomas, and two first-round picks for Rondo. This trade did not go through because the salaries didn’t match. Danny Ainge wants the moon and the stars for Rondo because Rondo is in the prime of his career.

While many fans may be upset with the lack of movement by the Celtics, the front office did not have to make a transaction if the move did not improve their team. The Celtics are in rebuilding mode and they can let these contracts expire or hold onto them for the summer. Lastly, the Celtics could have as many as 17 picks, including 10 in the first-round over the next five years.

When teams have more flexibility to complete trades this off-season, the Celtics can fall further under the luxury tax. This deadline proved that the market was low and teams are attempting to avoid being repeat offenders in the tax under the new CBA.

There remains a logjam at power forward and the Celtics are unable to provide more minutes for rookie Kelly Olynyk. The Celtics are still under $1 million below the $75.71 luxury tax limit.

All of this sets the stage for a very interesting summer with the NBA Draft and free agency.

Celtics Circuit: No Deal For Omer Asik

Omer Asik could have provided a defensive presence in the paint for the Boston Celtics.

Omer Asik could have provided a defensive presence in the paint for the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics’ attempt to acquire center Omer Asik from the Houston Rockets were unsuccessful after Rockets general manager Daryl Morey announced on Thursday that the talks ended. Yahoo Sports! Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted the Rockets will keep the disgruntled center for now.


On Wednesday, the discussion gained steam with multiple reports claiming the Celtics were willing to part with forward Brandon Bass and guard Courtney Lee. According to Wojnarowski, the two teams could not agree on which first-round pick would be included. The Rockets wanted a 2014 selection, but the Celtics would not budge.

Danny Ainge said on his weekly 98.5 The Sports Hub appearance that the Celtics were never close to trading for Asik. The Rockets were not thrilled with any offers.

The talks also broke down because Asik is due to earn $15 million next year. Asik’s deal was back-loaded because the Rockets did not want the Chicago Bulls to mach their offer. Asik was a restricted free agent at the time.

The Rockets had self-imposed a deadline for Thursday to deal Asik because NBA allows teams to re-trade players 60 days after they were traded the first time. The NBA Trade Deadline is 60 days from Thursday. Asik has asked for a trade ever since the Rockets signed Dwight Howard in July because Asik did not want to come off the bench.

Asik is a seven-footer who will become a free agent after the 2014-’15 season. He would have brought interior defense and rebounding. The fourth-year veteran out of Turkey is only 27 years old. He could have helped the Celtics on the pick-and-roll on offense. Asik averaged 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds last year when he started in all 82 games. This season, Asik is only averaging 4.4 points and 6.8 rebounds in 18.3 minutes. Asik’s weaknesses are his limited offensive ability and free throw shooting. The Celtics could use a defender like Asik against talented seven-footers like Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert.

The Rockets had talked with the Philadelphia 76ers. Morey was hoping to pry Paul Millsap from the Atlanta Hawks, but the Hawks refused to give up Millsap.

While the Rockets will not send Asik to another team at this moment, there could be movement in the future. The NBA Trade Deadline is on February 20th.

The Celtics keep their undersized roster intact. There will continue to be rumors swirling around the Celtics and there is a feeling here that the Celtics will not stay quiet around the Trade Deadline.

The Five Greatest Head Coaches In Boston Celtics History

Red Auerbach is a legendary figure in Boston sports lore.

Red Auerbach is a legendary figure in Boston sports lore.

There are 17 head coaches in the Boston Celtics franchise after Brad Stevens was hired in July. Yet, only six of those coaches have won at least one of the franchise’s 17 championships.

Since Doc Rivers was sent to the Los Angeles Clippers  for an unprotected 2014 first-round pick in June, we will take a look at the five greatest Celtics’ coaches. Every coach needs Hall-of-Fame players on their team in order to win a title, but these coaches also dealt with adversity and challenging competitors.

Here is the list of the Five Greatest Head Coaches In Boston Celtics History:

1. Red Auerbach – Whenever the Celtics’ history is discussed, everything begins and ends with Auerbach and Bill Russell. Auerbach won nine titles in a 10-year span when he roamed the sidelines for the Celtics. This was the most championships for an NBA head coach until Phil Jackson passed Auerbach when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals in 2009. Jackson eventually finished his coaching career with 11 championships.  He also took a chance on a 6-foot-9-inch African-American player from the University of San Francisco named Russell. Russell came to Boston in 1956 during increasing racial tensions in the United States. He took the league by storm with the ability to block shots, yet keep the ball in play for one of his teammates to grasp before transitioning to the other end of the court. Auerbach had already been with the Celtics for six seasons and the Celtics could get no further than the Eastern Division Finals, which the Celtics had reached for three consecutive seasons (1952-’55). The Celtics already had stars in point guard Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman, and Jim Lostcuff. Russell and another Celtics legend Tom Heinsohn helped the Celtics win their first title. Auerbach’s teams were known for their up-tempo, fast-break offense. In those days, teams scored over 100 points every game. Auerbach was also known for his fiery demeanor with officials, opposing players, and for puffing a victory cigar in the closing moments of his teams’ victories. He spent 16 years as the head coach of the Celtics before he became the General Manager and President of the organization. Auerbach was the architect of the Celtics’ dynasty.

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