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Rob Gronkowski Acknowledges The Broncos Play Dirty (TWEET)

Rob Gronkowski

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski knows that the Denver Broncos defense plays a bit dirty. He knows they go low and try to injure. As you may recall Gronk was injured back in November by a low blow and T.J. Ward who at the time played for the Brown blew out Gronk’s knee in 2013.

Gronk Tweet

Well Gronk the best revenge is to run them over and throw them out of the club!

The Most Holy & Accurate Tom Brady Jersey (PHOTO)

Tom Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is about to start his 10th, yes people outside of New England you read that right, 10th AFC Championship game. That is more than some franchises have played in their histories. And let’s not forget the utter ridiculous six super bowl starts and four championships.

I mean Tom Brady is bordering on full blown gridiron deity plus he is married to a goddess….

tom brady god jersey

So I believe this Tom Brady jersey is 100% accurate.

Broncos fans when you are saying your prayers this week…..

tom brady



Pot of Baked Beans To Goes To Fitzy!

Hard To Accept: The Bruins Are Not A Good Hockey Team

bruins arent good

Yes fans, your 2015-2016 Boston Bruins are not a good hockey team. A team only 3 seasons removed from a Stanley Cup final, has continued to regress with help from the now departed Peter “The destroyer of franchises” Chiarelli.

PC’s recipe on how to make a potential dynasty to a travesty….

Trade Tyler Seguin….for Loui Eriksson (average at best), Reilly Smith (who was traded for I am really big but far from bad Jimmy Hayes), Matt Fraser(allowed to walk for NOTHING) and Joe “Will To-“Morrow ever come?

Trade Johnny Boychuk for Brett “I couldnt hit the ocean with a meteor” Connolly (2 second round picks received in the Boychuk trade).

Don’t build up a defensive corps, that has got old really quick, with young TALENTED d-men (Torey Krug aside) has come to haunt the Bruins to no end.

The once formidable shut down pair of Chara and Seidenberg are beginning to resemble traffic cones.

Kevan Miller is a red hot mess and that is really insulting to red hot messes.

Zach Trotman looks like a lost toddler at a grocery story looking for his mommy.

Adam McQuaid is Mr. Glass from the movie “Unbreakable” (google it kids).

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Breaking: Patriots DE Chandler Jones Overdosed On Pills Last Sunday

chandler jones

The last thing the Patriots need going into the post-season is this…

According to Pro Football Talk, Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones overdosed on pills:

Curtis reports, citing unnamed police sources, that Jones overdosed on pills on Saturday night. An ambulance transported Jones to Norwood Hospital.

The pills taken by Jones aren’t known. In theory, he could be subject to NFL action if the substance has been banned by the NFL. The medical records generated by the trip to the hospital undoubtedly contained information regarding what Jones ingested.

Automatic suspension would arise only if the compound is a PED. For street drugs, an initial violation would result at worst in placement in the league’s substance-abuse program, along with enhanced testing. Multiple violations typically are required before a suspension occurs.

This is worst possible news going into the divisional playoff game versus the Chiefs. Chandler Jones was in the top 5 for sacks this year in the NFL and is an integral part of the the Patriots defense.

Conflicting reports are saying this may have happened at Gronk’s house. If this is all true, this is extremely disappointing developments for Chandler Jones and the Krafts/The Hoodie will not take kindly to this.



Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Patriots Reddit & Barstool Sports

Fitzy’s Back With Sh*t Pats Fans Say 2016 Playoff Style (VIDEO)

shit pats fans say

No this is not the Townie version of Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s our favorite Patriots fans, Fitzy and Kippah with their 2016 playoff edition version of Sh*t Pats Fan Say.

Hey guys, one quick question, what’s up with the Chick Ultra? Might as well just drink a Zima……just saying!

Ok with out further adieu, roll the tape and Go Pats!

Love the Rey Jakku reference and Kippah I totally with ya dood!

English hotties with light sabers……yes please!

This Patriots Star Wars Playoff Pump Up Is Strong With The Force (VIDEO)

Patriots Montage

After my family and friends, I love three things….

The Boston Bruins

The New England Patriots

Star Wars

And this awesome playoff montage has 2 of the 3…..

On January 16th, the Patriots led by Darth Hoodie and Tom Ringwinner will begin their drive for Lombardi Five….

There has been an awakening…..and the NFL will surely feel it!

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