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BST&N Review: Road To The Winter Classic Episode 4

Bruins Winter Classic

The Road To The Winter Classic is like the countdown to Christmas when you are a small child.

The anticipation.

The excitement.

To the point when you want to wish the days away so you can get up at dawn to see your presents under the tree….

This is how it felt for me leading up to the Winter Classic.

I was lucky enough to receive incredible tickets from the great folks at Epix to attend this once in lifetime event to see my favorite team, the Boston Bruins play in the home of my other favorite team, the New England Patriots.

bruins winter classic

The day was perfect….the weather, the tailgate, the festivities outside and inside the stadium they call the Razor.

It was electric.

It was magical.

But on this day there would be no Christmas, but only the Grinch wearing the sweater of the hated Habs.

A team that limped into the Winter classic, losing 7 of 8, was ripe for the picking and the Bruins couldn’t do a friggin’ thing about it.

The Bruins could have broken the Habs will, but they just flatlined…….

As you watch this final episode, you can detect the Bruins were so tight that they could stick coal up their asses and produce diamonds.

The Canadiens, on the other hand, were care free and it showed. They played with house money, feeling they had nothing to lose.

After sitting through that pathetic performance by my beloved Bruins, I was intrigued what transpired between periods during the most lackluster showings in recent memory.

And for me to see/hear Claude Julien using the following word over and over again was quite alarming….


To hear Big Z calling out his teammates during the first intermission for their negativity, gave me the same pit in my stomach when the Bruins were peeing down their legs at Gillette stadium.

And even Mr. Perfect….Mr. Calm and Collected….Patrice Bergeron was visually pissed off about his team’s no show.

As a Bruins fan, this scares the living sh*t out of me, that the Bruins could not put it together for a game of this magnitude.

Some may argue it was a regular season game, but it’s the biggest game outside of the playoffs….

The Big Bad Bruins from 2011 are long gone and hard to find. I have ZERO clue what this team is and it f’n terrifies me!

To add insult to injury, the Habs lost their next game to the Flyers.

That means a team that was 2-8 in their last 10 games mopped the ice with the B’s…like it was child’s play.



Let’s pray they turn this around because this game could be signs of Bigger and Badder problems for the Spoked B.

Be sure to catch the final episode tonight at 10pm on Epix.com and let us know how you feel!


Thanks again to Joe Favorito & Epix for letting Boston Sports Then & Now review this incredible series and to attend such a fantastic hockey spectacle.

I will remember it for the rest of my life….

Bruins Lay Egg At Winter Classic & I Am Still Pissed (PHOTOS)

2016 winter classic
Personally 2015 has been a trying year for me. I have been fighting and winning (fingers remained crossed) my battle with thyroid cancer. So things like getting free tickets to the 2016 Winter Classic helps me forget the “real life” issues and escape for a bit.

You may ask how did you get free tickets?

Well I have been working on Boston Sports Then & Now since 2009 and made it into a reputable site when it comes to sports pop culture/sports. This had work has paid off because people approach the site to review shows like the “Road To The Winter Classic” which has been great thus far. As a token of their appreciation for our coverage, Epix and Joe Favorito (thanks again Joe!) send me these tickets.


nhl winter classic


I literally almost fell off my porch when I received these tickets. I would have been totally fine with seats in the 300’s because I just wanted to be at the Winter Classic ever since the official announcement came out.

Read more

BST&N Review: Road To The Winter Classic Episode 3

tuukka and his daughter

The Road To The Winter Classic series on Epix.com continues to impress as we approach the big game on New Year’s Day.

What I enjoy most is seeing the players in the “real world”, Tuukka with his young daughter or Seids with his family. Or Jimmy Hayes having 2,000 people over his house for X-mas eve.

Don’t get me wrong the on ice “hockey porn” is outstanding as well just in more savage way. Seeing what transpired and what was said before Tyler Randell and Ryan Reaves squared off during the Christmas Carol serenade from Jack Edwards.

As a Bruins fan, I was pissed off after the team’s collapse versus Buffalo and it was good to see how bad the players took the loss as well. They knew it was inexcusable and as Claude Julien said “They were not respecting the game of hockey”.

Damn….no sugar coating there.

And on the other side of the ice, it was great to see the Habs continue to be a RED HOT MESS.

There was one question that needs to be answered…how did Dale Weise land her?

dale weise wife

Talking about outkicking your coverage…she must have lost a bet, poor thing.

Be sure to catch the Winter Classic on New Years Day on NBC and the final episode of the Road to the Winter Classic on Epix.com on January 6th!

Patriots Super Fan Fitzy Dumps On Colts Fans In Season Recap (VIDEO)


Everyone’s favorite Patriots Super Fan, Fitzy is back with his season recap. He touches up the Hoodie’s decision to kick off in OT versus the hated New York Jets (which I still don’t understand), Peyton Manning cheating and the Colts sucking beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

I guess the Football gods don’t like rats as the Ravens and Colts are a combined 12-18 and will miss the playoffs.

Snitches are just b*tches, but I digress…..

Now without further delay here is our favorite townie Fitzy!

As Fitzy said, when the Patriots get healthy for the playoffs, the NFL and Roger Goodell will be sh*tting their pants.

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Patriots Reddit!

Road To The Winter Classic: A Chat With Writer Aaron Cohen

road to the winter clssic

The 2016 Winter Classic between the Bruins & Canadiens is almost upon us and the excitement is growing by the second. The Epix series “Road To The Winter Classic” has helped build the hysteria for this winter hockey spectacle.

Boston Sports Then & Now spoke with writer Aaron Cohen to get some insight on the Winter Classic series and his journey in sports media:

Boston Sports Then & Now: What makes the Winter Classic so special when it comes to telling the story leading up to the event?
Aaron Cohen: I think its uniqueness. I have a friend who always talks about how “unique” is a word people overuse, but I think in this case, it totally holds up. I don’t know if I can think of anything in any other sport that really compares — from taking the game back to its roots … to creating a really, really cool spectacle at all these venues … and much more. And then, in terms of the documentary series, it also offers a new story — or really, two new stories — every year. We’re catching two teams in the middle of the season, and with all our access, we get the opportunity to give hockey fans four hours behind the curtain, on and off the ice. We take that opportunity seriously, and really try to pack as much as we can into every episode.

BST&N: How did you get involved in the Winter Classic in general?
AC: I actually was at the first Winter Classic in Buffalo in 2008, working on NBC’s production team. Then, three years later, HBO created the 24/7 series. Having written all the 24/7 boxing series, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work on the Pens-Caps show. And then when the show moved to Epix, Ross Greenburg, the producer of the series who had created the show when he was at HBO, brought me along to be part of his team.

BST&N: I see on your IMDb that you have worked with the event all the way back to the Pens-Caps in 2010. How has the series changed over the years?
AC: I think in the first few seasons of the show, it was a new experience for everyone — from the producers to the players and the coaches. Now, with this being the fifth installment of the series — and then there have also been the Stadium Series shows — everyone knows what to expect a little bit more. For us on the production team, that means the degree of difficulty is raised a bit. How do we deliver original segments? How do we cover the games in new ways? How do we go through some of the familiar plot points — from hot streaks and slumps to holiday break — with a fresh eye? These are all the things we are constantly thinking about.

BST&N: Why did you get involved in sports media? When was that moment when you knew this is what you wanted to do for your career?
AC: I was very lucky — I got an internship at ABC Sports when I was in college, and met some producers who helped me keep my foot in the door and mentored me for years. Before that internship, I hadn’t really thought about working in sports for a living — even though I was always a sports nut. It was almost too good to be true: you could get paid for working on sports television shows? Then, as I progressed through the business, I found my passion within the sports media world — telling stories, and working on documentaries like this series.

BST&N: One non Winter Classic related question, how was it working on Courtship of Rivals? I am a huge Larry Bird fan and that era was just magical for sports fans not just basketball fans.
AC: It was great. The director of that documentary, Ezra Edelman, is an amazing filmmaker. To me, what makes that film great are some things that don’t show up in the box score, so to speak — the way Ezra structured that story, and the interviews he did with Magic and, in particular, Bird. I don’t think there’s ever been a better on-camera interview that Larry Bird has ever done. I was fortunate Ezra asked me to help him with the writing of the film; I’ve been involved in lots of documentaries, but that’s one that people always have great things to say about — in Boston, LA, and beyond.

BST&N: At your time going to school at Harvard, what did you learn about the people of New England?
AC: I think the word that stands out is “pride.” Growing up in the New York area, on Long Island, I (perhaps predictably) had a pretty provincial view of the world. Then, spending four years in New England, I definitely learned how much pride people there take in their identity and heritage — and of course also their sports teams. I still have a lot of fondness for the area, and it’s been a blast writing about the Bruins over the last few weeks … even if I have to remain neutral heading into the game! It should be a great event for New England, and for hockey, and I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks to Aaron Cohen for his time and bringing us the hockey eye candy that is the Road to the Winter Classic.

Be sure to catch it on Wednesdays on Epix.com!

BST&N Review: Road To The Winter Classic Episode 2

road to the winter classic episode 2

The second episode of Epix’s The Road To The Winter Classic continues to give fans an intimate look at the Bruins and Canadiens players on and off the ice.

Brad Marchand reading the Twas The Night Before Christmas at the Boston Pops is pure gold. Who would have thought that the Nose Face Killah would be so good with the spoken word……which does not involve chirping and ball busting.

Great look at hometown boy Jimmy Hayes and his family. Those Boston accents are friggin’ LEGIT (take note Hollywood).

Max Talbot should be in the lineup every night because his veteran presence is a great intangible for the Bruins (plus he’s a f’n riot!).

Frankie V is here to stay…

And last but not least, prepare to have your stomach turn as Darth Quaider gets his chin sewn up. I am pretty sure my lunch from the Border Cafe got regurgitated against my will.

Oh yeah nothing is more pleasurable than watching the Canadiens lose again and again and again.

And making excuses and more excuses and more excuses…P.K. is the best at this, bar none.

Basque in the Habs’ misfortune and the Bruins’ surge on Epix and Epix.com!


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