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Patriots Pulse: Team Celebrates 5 Million Fans On MyFace (VIDEO)

(PHOTO: Masshole Sports)

The Patriots celebrated 5 million fans on MyFace Facebook today with a funny, witty video featuring Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and social media connoisseur Bill Belichick…sort of.

How much you make a bet “The Hoodie” was the 5 millionith fan?

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Fox Sports!

B’s Beat: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Flies Teenie Weenie Habs Flag To Honor Bet (PHOTO)

APTOPIX Boston Mayor

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh honored his bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre regarding the Bruins-Canadiens series by raising a Habs flag over City Hall…..kind of.

No one said how big it had to be right?

Good job Mayor Walsh just a matter of time before Montreal bitches about this too.

Hope Looch wore the flag as a banana hammock before hand….

UPDATE: Turns out the Mayor Of Montreal sent Mayor Walsh the flag to symbolize the chances they have to winning the Cup…..small.

This Lego Fenway Park Will Leave You Awestruck (PHOTO)


Most people born during the 50′s and beyond have played with Legos. Some just played with them for fun and some now use them as an art form.

And this Lego Fenway Park sculpture falls in the latter group.

Lego Discovery Center Boston opens on May 23rd at the Assembly Square In Somerville.

You can view such Lego Boston Sports Spectacles such as Fenway Park (pictured above) and TD Garden.

Good take in for the kiddos and adults as well!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To @BosTravelNews

This Milan Lucic Handshake Shirt Is F’n Killing The Internet (PHOTO)

Bruins winger Milan Lucic is still not sorry for what he said to the Habs’ Dale Weise & Alexei Emelin in the handshake line after Game 7.

And Ryan Austin of Dirty Water Tees is not sorry for taking the interwebs by storm with his “Good Game, I’m Going To F*cking Kill You” shirts.


Just days since those now infamous/famous words were uttered by Lucic, over 900 shirts have been sold and some even to Habs fans.

‘Merica….you can make an ass load of money for being quick on your feet and not being sorry for it.

Join the handshake line today by getting your shirt from Dirty Water Tees!

Bruins-Habs: Classless Canadiens Fan Desecrates Bobby Orr Statue (PHOTO)

There is a saying, “Act like you have been there before”. Evidently, some Habs YAHOOS (not fans because true fans have respect for their opponent and history) possess no maturity or have any respect for anything.

Rather than revel in a much deserved series win, this turd decided to desecrate the Bobby Orr Statue in front of TD Garden.



Just f’n pathetic. I highly doubt any Bruins “fan” would do this to Rocket Richard or Guy Lafleur.

Have some class and trying winning with some class.

Montreal Typical.

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To @wickedmikee87 !

Note: Just a matter of time before the Habs trolls comment and bring up the racist tweets.

And I will say read this.

B’s Beat: Re-Live The Bobby Orr Flying Goal Oyo Sports Toy Style (VIDEO)


Nothing is more ICONIC in Boston Bruins hockey lore than Bobby Orr’s “Flying Goal” which clinched the 1970 Stanley Cup.

Now the folks at OYO Sports Toys have give us this wicked awesome reenactment using the new Bobby Orr figure.

Let’s hope OYO does another video of the 2014 Boston Bruins.

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