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This Boston Strong Goalie Mask Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes (PHOTO)


It has been about a year since the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, a day that will be forever woven into the minds of Bostonians and Americans.

There will be many tributes to honor those lost and injured last Patriots day. And this “Boston Strong” goalie mask is simply beautiful. It will surely bring tears to your eyes as you see the faces of Lu, Sean, Krystle & little Martin, who died at the marathon or perished defending the innocent.

Here is the story behind this incredible creation…


Kyle Acomb commissioned a mask from Dom Malerba from Pro’s Choice, a mask-making company north of Boston whose client list includes Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask. Montreal artist David Leroux of Diel Airbrush painted the mask, which Rask later autographed. It currently resides in Forum restaurant — ground zero of last year’s Marathon bombings.

The mask will be raffled off and the proceeds will be donated to the One Fund which assists those affected by the Boston Marathon Tragedy.


B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Rocking Johnny Bucyk’s “All Guts, No Glory” Game Jacket (VIDEO)


Since the Bruins Stanley Cup run of 2011, the team has awarded a jacket (or chain) to the player who was the star of the game.


Former defenseman Andrew Ference started the tradition and Bruins captain Zdeno Chara took the torch after Ference’s departure to Edmonton.


This time around, it was The Captain, Zdeno Chara, who decided to acquire the new jacket from the Bruins’ legend that has been a part of the organization for more than 50 years.

“Being the Captain, he stepped up and carried the tradition,” said Lucic.


Milan Lucic was awarded the jacket after his two goal performance versus the Flyers which sewed up the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Let’s hope that jacket is awarded 16 more times and Lord Stanley is wearing it after the dust settles! 

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B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Reminds Maple Leafs Fans Of Their Epic Choke Last Season (GIF)


One guy you don’t want to f*ck with when he is angry is Bruins winger Milan Lucic. And of course if you are going to taunt Looch make sure you actually have something to hang over his head. Looks like these Leafs fans completely forgot about their EPIC choke last season, so #17 was more than happy to remind them.



“What happened last year?”

Oh Leafs fans in case you forgot, here is a friendly reminder….

Enjoy golfing this off-season because you will choke again when it counts!


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B’s Beat: Shawn Thornton Chirps At Opponent’s Intake Of Dairy Products (VIDEO)


All Bruins fans know that enforcer Shawn Thornton is a tough S.O.B., but did you know he is one of the most hilarious chirpers on the ice? Check out this clip from the latest “Behind The B” episode.

Nothing like ragging on your opponent because he loves Milk.

EPIC chirp Thorty….EPIC!

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Hey White House, Are You Ready For Jonny Gomes & His ‘Merica Blazer?! (PHOTOS)



The Red Sox may have dropped their opener, but that will not dampen the spirits of Jonny Gomes as he heads over to the White House.


Do you think Barack will rock the ‘Merica Blazer with Jonny?

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