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12 Reasons The Patriots Lost Super Bowl XLVI

The Patriots are just about set to take on the NFC Champion Seahawks in their sixth Super Bowl appearance in the last 13 years. In their two most recent trips in 2007 and 2011, however, the Pats have not been able to come away victorious. In their most recent Super Bowl loss to the Giants, there were some pretty clear reasons as to why they were unable to win the game. We all remember the last-minute, game-winning touchdown drive orchestrated by Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw’s accidental touchdown and the last-second Hail Mary attempt falling incomplete. Chances are, however, most people have forgotten about some of the other reasons the Pats came out on the wrong end of the score, but not to worry. Here are the top-12 reasons the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI.

Tom Brady walks off the field in Indianapolis following the Super Bowl XLVI defeat.

Tom Brady walks off the field in Indianapolis following the Super Bowl XLVI defeat.

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NFL Week 2 Preview: Patriots at Vikings

After the dismal week 1 loss to the Dolphins, the Patriots will travel to Minnesota to face off against the Vikings to try and avoid going 0-2 for the first time since 2001, when Drew Bledsoe was the Patriots starting Quarterback. It was shocking enough that the team started 0-1, and an 0-2 start will cause absolute chaos for the New England fan base, and may cause overreacting fans to burn Gillette Stadium to the ground.

Minnesota Vikings v New England Patriots

After the loss to Miami last week, it actually wouldn’t be too shocking to see the Patriots struggle against the Vikings, and possibly even drop the game. Delusional Patriots fans don’t want to accept the fact that the team may not be as good as anticipated. Here are the 3 things to look for on Sunday:

1.) Adrian Peterson: I’m fairly certain everybody in the world knows how dominant AP can be from week to week. Sure he’s no longer that automatic 1st pick in your Fantasy Draft, but he’s no scrub, and he can still do damage! Read more

Patriots Beef Up In Later Rounds With Linemen (Videos)

Bryan Stork was one of three offensive linemen taken by the New England Patriots on Saturday.

The New England Patriots addressed their depth on both sides of the line of scrimmage in the final day of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

They came into the day with seven total picks after they added two more selections (in the fourth and sixth rounds) with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday night.

1. Fourth Round (105th pick): Center Bryan Stork

In their first pick and the first of three fourth-round selections on Saturday, the Patriots chose center/guard out of Florida State, the reigning national champions. Stork started at center for the Seminoles, but the Patriots also could use him as a guard. This offseason, the Patriots brought back center Ryan Wendell on a two-year deal. The 6-foot-3-inch, 315-pound interior lineman will challenge Wendell. Last season, the Patriots struggled to protect Tom Brady from inside pass rushers. In the AFC Championship game, the Broncos were able to apply pressure in the middle. Also, the Cincinnati Bengals’ ferocious defensive line was able to sack Brady on four occasions in a 13-6 victory over the Patriots in a regular season game. Stork is a big body, but he has durability concerns. He missed several games with various ailments, including a concussion during a game last season against Maryland. He also did not play in a game against Boston College due to frequent headaches. If Stork can stay on the field, the Patriots may have a steal. This is the initial pick that the Patriots got from the Jaguars in the transaction on Friday.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiuQyUC2jJM?rel=0]

2. Fourth Round (130th): Running Back James White Read more

NFL Week 17 Preview: Patriots vs. Bills

Hopefully, TB12 won't have to punt on Sunday.

Are you ready for the NFL regular season to end? Well, Week 17 is upon us and the New England Patriots (11-4) end 2013 where they began: playing Buffalo with no Rob Gronkowski. Pats fans expect another win.

So do I. Back to that in a bit. Let’s reflect on the season briefly. The Patriots offensive machine as we knew it was taken apart by injury, contract conflicts, and alleged criminal misconduct. The season was marked by dropped balls, players dropping like flies, fumbles, penalties that were called or not called, and some fantastic finishes that won’t be forgotten.

Despite that turmoil, the Patriots simply need to beat the Buffalo Bills, the 6-9 team that has never won at Gillette Stadium and is 2-23 against Tom Brady, to secure a first round bye. Don’t get overconfident, guys.

Today’s keys, just incase Bill Belichick needs my opinion:

1. Remember your opponent: Belichick doesn’t overlook opponents. We know. But, for some reason, the Pats tend to play at the level of teams they are better than. How else can we explain losses to the Jets and Cincinnati? No disrespect intended Bills fans, players or owners by the following comment: Patriots, please show why you’re the better team. Demonstrate it.

2. Start fast. That means a three-and-out for Buffalo’s offense. If the offense gets the ball first then produce an opening-drive touchdown. Move the chains however possible. Use Stevan Ridley and LeGarrette Blount to run over Buffalo if possible. Throw the ball all over the field to Julian Edelman or whichever rookie’s name gets drawn out of Brady’s hat to dress this week. Balance would be good, of course.

3. Good habits. To start fast they need to play right. No turnovers. Ridley is an important player on offense, but I’m nervous with the ball in his hands. The Pats need #22 to make a playoff run. Players not named Julian Edelman have to make catches. Danny Amendola has gotten his act together lately, despite the dropped TD in Miami. He took a couple of Welkerian hits last week, too. No dumb penalties you “don’t remember”, Logan Mankins.

4.Health. Be careful out there. Have you seen the injury report? The Herald counted 87 games lost to injuries. Enough.

Simply put: Take care of business. End the season on a high note for the playoffs. Momentum. Leave in one piece. Pats, 31-13.

Patriots Match-Up Mania: All About Offense?

Gronk is back. The Pats are, too.

Your New England Patriots return to action on Monday night with the Carolina Panthers in what has become a pivotal game with seemingly little fanfare. With a never ending crush of injuries to the Pats defense, can it be said that the team’s offense is the unit that needs to deliver? Frankly, yes.

The Patriots themselves are saying how big of a challenge the team’s offense faces against one of the NFL’s best defenses. Just ask Logan Mankins:

Teams aren’t really scoring on them. They’re not doing much against them. Nine points last week from the Niners. That’s not what we want. We hopefully can do a little better than that. They haven’t been giving up much of anything – the run, pass, points, they’re good in the red zone, good on third down. They’re good at everything right now.

Carolina doesn’t allow much of anything to anybody. The Panthers gave up a total of four touchdowns in their last five games. It’s a year-long trend, too. They rank second in points allowed at 12.8 and yards per game at 283.3.
As you know, the Patriots offense might be finally putting it together. Rob Gronkowski’s return could be considered a spark. He already has 19 catches, including his career high 9-catch game during the 55-31 romp versus Pitttsburgh. Gronk is playing well and is also well-versed in Bill Belichick approved quotes. Gronk says:

I’m just going out there, focusing on my job, what I’ve got to do to make the offense a better offense, and make sure I do my own job and try to make plays when my number is called.

However, the key for the NEP is always Brady. Carolina’s linebacker Luke Kuechly is preparing for TB12. He says the Panthers “can’t be too predictable. “We need to do a good job of playing in our defense and not showing stuff too early so he can get a bead on what we’ve got,” he said.

Patriots Preseason Update: Brady Is Brady

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick

The NFL must have a written rule that requires a score be kept during all pre-season games. So, for what it’s worth…

Tom Brady’s play is always a primary concern for fans of New England Patriots. Last night he showed why he’s Brady. Oh, and that knee thing? Well, that won’t be a problem. The hooded one even said so. ”We’re so far past that,” he said. ”We’re way beyond that.”

TB12 started 11-11 and finished 11-12 with 107 yards and a touchdown. After two appearances, Brady is 18-20. The rest of Bill Belichick’s new-look offense looked as efficient as ever in the team’s first drive. Danny Amendola caught six passes for 71 yards and a touchdown. He was as good in the Wes Welker role as anyone could expect after two fake games. Shane Vereen looks ready to be a versatile go-to guy for Brady in 2013 after four rushes and four catches.

The surprise of the night could be Zach Sudfeld. He caught a 2-point conversion pass from Brady and got a touchdown after showing some nifty hands securing the ball. They are the kind of plays that help a rookie free agent earn a spot on a team.

It looked like Belichick has been coaching up his defense, too. The starting unit looked solid with three sacks in the first quarter and four for the game. Brandon Spikes (2), Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich got to the quarterback. Logan Ryan did make a big play with an interception return for a touchdown. He also

Brady’s back-ups played like back-ups again. Ryan Mallett improved a bit since Philly. That’s not much of an accomplishment. He was 12-20 with 137 yards and a TD. At best Mallett is adequate. Tim Tebow was terrible. You all saw it. There’s no need to pile on.

Bill was as grumpy as ever in his press conference after the game.He found plenty not to like in addition to Tebow. Such as…

There were a few glaring penalties that would hurt the Patriots against a good team. Two penalties pushed a field goal back to 50 yards and cost the Patriots three points. Stephen Gostkowski should make that kick regardless of that, but poor execution of some basic football drives Bill crazy. Penalties (10 of them) are bad. Penalties that take away points are very bad. Special teams errors are very bad, too.

As for Logan Mankins and his 15-yard penalty…I wouldn’t want that dude mad at me and I would want him protecting me, but he can’t lose control and must stay disciplined.

One added bonus was seeing Randy Moss appear as a studio commentator in the brief pre-game presentation on Fox. Moss gave great answers when he did post-game press conference as a player and comes across, to me, as very intelligent. He said he knows how tough Brady is and considered the knee injury concerns a “smokescreen.” During the game, Moss praised the Patriots offense because they were that good. But, he described the offense as “magic” or “magical” and “the sky’s the limit” for the rookie receivers and said it is an honor to play with Brady. I don’t entirely disagree with him as Brady, Amendola and Vereen were clicking. FoxSports1 might want Moss to drop the pompoms.

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