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Bruins’ Milan Lucic Then & Now: From Teenage Boxer To NHL Ass Kicker (Videos)

All Bruins fans know that Milan Lucic is a cross between Chuck Norris, a freight train & a crazed Grizzly bear. But where did Looch learn his deadly skills of the fists?

Well the squared circle of course.

Damn I feel bad for this kid, it was like the Romans throwing the Christians to the Lions. Just like those poor bastards in Ancient Rome, this did not end well. However, this young gladiator can say that he was one of the first that the man-child they call LOOCH, beat the snot out of.

You think these so called NHL tough guys would have done their research on Lucic before they decided to drop the gloves.

And then there are some who as Jack Edwards has said want to “Poke The Bear”. Unfortunately, for “brave” souls like the Leafs’ Mike Komisarek, you usually leave this encounter with your limbs torn off and shoved ever so nicely up your arse.

And to the Capitals’ Karl Alzner, LOOCH is coming for you next.


 Better make your will out now.