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This Patriots Montage Will Pump You Up Like A Deflated Football! (VIDEO)

patriots montage

Now that Deflategate AKA The Foxboro Witch Hunt is losing air steam after Bill Belichick laid the smack down, Patriots fans can FINALLY focus on Super Bowl 49!

No more talk (hopefully) about bladders, PSI, air gauges or f’n CHEATING! Let’s discuss how the Patriots are going to shut down Marshawn Lynch and outwit the Seahawks’ stout defense!

So start getting PUMPED UP (pun intended) & JACKED For The Big Game with this WICKED PISSAH Patriots Montage!

Let’s Go Patriots!


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Being A Patriots Fan: The Foxboro Witch Trials (VIDEO)

patriots foxboro witch trials

Welcome to the Foxboro Witch Trials where the media will try Patriots head coach Bill Belichick & quarterback Tom Brady for “deflate gate”. Let’s party like it’s 1692 all over again! Shall they be hung or prest to death for their crimes versus humanity (“cheating”)?

If it was up to ESPN…yes (cry me a f’n river Marc Brunell).

If it was up to every Rams, Panthers, Eagles, Jets, Ravens & Colts fan….yes.

If it was up to the mass media who came in droves to grill Tom Brady worse than Ray Rice (who knocked out his girlfriend )….HELL YES (they were in greater numbers than the Aaron Hernandez press conference….that guy who KILLED actual human beings not footballs)!

Guilty until proven innocent…that has been the Patriots way since 2007’s Spygate that will forever survive the test of time like the cockroach and the Twinkie.

They did their time but will NEVER pay for their crime. The New England Patriots will be forever shunned to purgatory where their cheatin’ demonic souls will be tortured FOREVER!

If the Colts beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship (which they got waxed 45-7), deflate gate DOES NOT SURFACE.


Indy Star writer Bob Kravitz remains a NO BODY.

The Ravens DO NOT BECOME WHISTLE BLOWERS, if they did not blow not one but TWO 14 point leads.

They all HATE US because they AIN’T US!

That’s what happens when you have 15 winning seasons, win three Super Bowls & embark on your SIXTH trip to the big game….

Feel bad for you Seattle because the Patriots are going to take this all out on you…

Nothing personal, (sh*t you guys cheated too) we just need to give a big RED, WHITE & BLUE middle finger to the hordes of HATERS!

Indy Reporter Accuses The Patriots Of Cheating…Big Surprise

patriots cheating

It seems the Patriots will never shake the “cheaters” moniker. Even after blowing out the Indianapolis Colts with ease, the conspiracy talk has begun yet again. Indy reporter Bob Kravitz accuses the Patriots of cheating…..Last week, it was ineligible-receiver-gate, now this week it’s deflated-football-gate.

Wow shocking a writer from Indianapolis! Sour grapes?

Some of the people responding to Bob Kravitz’s tweet brought up some good points.

Wouldn’t that affect both teams?

Don’t the refs handle every ball? Wouldn’t they catch on?

The Patriots may lose a draft pick if this is actually true….

Guess they need to beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl next week , so they can shut up all the jealous haters!

Oh wait they will say the Patriots slipped roofies in Seattle’s Gatorade.

Wait for it…..


UPDATE: According to Deadspin, NFL is investigating the deflated football accusation.

This stuff will NEVER go away with the Patriots!

This Tom Brady Song Will Be In Your Head Forever (AUDIO)

tom brady

This Tom Brady song is a cross between horrendous and awesome. I am not sure where I stand with it exactly but the beat is undeniable.

The sweet techno beats of the Tom Brady Song will be in your head forever…..

Just let it wash over you and let it touch your TB12 lovin’ soul!


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The Most Gangsta Bill Belichick Tattoo Ever (PHOTO)

bill belichick

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a lot of things, but he is far from “Gangsta”. However, this fan’s Bill Belichick tattoo has the “The Hoodie” in the same class as Ice T & Ice Cube.

Damn it’s good to be a gangsta….

Indy, yo better Belichick yo’self before you wreck yourself!

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Patriots’ WR Aaron Dobson’s Tweet Looks Past Colts To Super Bowl (PHOTO)

aaron dobson

Patriots WR Aaron Dobson can’t stay on field. And when he can get on the field, he is a healthy scratch. The former second round pick in 2013 is yet another wide receiver bust for New England.

He has done close to nothing (3 catches for 28 yards) to contribute to the Patriots’ success this season. However, he thinks it’s okay to look past the Indianapolis Colts and tweet the following:


How about do less tweeting/jinxing and concentrate on sucking less?!?

The Hoodie will not be amused….

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