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Boston Sports Blogapalooza Is On The Comeback Trail!


After a one year hiatus, Boston Sports Blogapalooza is on the comeback trail! Planning is in the works to nail down a venue, sponsors and a date. Right now Chazzrock Productions is working feverishly to confirm all the details!

Our friends at Ring Communnications have been lending a helping hand for booking the wicked awesome location!  We are targeting Mid May so stay tuned on all the usual channels!

Boston sports blogapalooza 2013

Sponsors are still needed to make this event a reality, so if your company or someone you know may be interested, please email chazzrockproductions@gmail.com for more information.

For those who have attended Palooza since it’s inception in 2010, you know what to expect!

For those who never heard of Boston Sports Blogapalooza, it is the networking event where Boston sports and digital media collide! If you have a blog, like to tweet or have a podcast about the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics or Bruins this is place to meet other people in your craft!

This is something you NO LONGER do in your Mom’s basement, so keep checking back and get ready to GET YOUR BLOG ON AGAIN at #PaloozaSpring16!

Yes, Rob Gronkowski Is Undeniably A Male Stripper At Heart (VIDEO)

rob gronkowski

Gronk certainly seems to have a passion for dancing like a stripper just as much – if not more than football.

You may have seen Gronk on Conan a few nights ago. He recalled a night where he “accidentally” did some male stripping at a a bachelorette party in his college days and “made like $25”. Here is the clip below:

This isn’t the first time we have seen or heard of Gronk stripping.



In fact, just today he jumped right into what I’m sure was the ‘ole college routine on a Fox Sports reporter. In Gronk’s defense, she straight up asked him to give her a lap dance on broadcast, in front of thousands of people:

It’s great he plays the shy card when she first asks him to give her a lap dance. Again, probably part of the ‘ole routine.


And then there was that one time at the Globies Award Ceremony. Gronk broke out a similar, but quicker lap dance routine for a much, much older lady – and sat on her and practically killed her.

All the more power to ya, Gronk. There’s clearly a demand of female fans who enjoy your “services”. Some pro football players sign autographs, but not all fans want autographs. As long as he puts smiles on their faces, that’s what really matters!


Patriots Fans Should Boycott Playboy After This Garbage (PHOTO)

patriots playboy

Rob Fee of Playboy.com comes off as a real comedian (he’s from Kentucky and must be a Bungles fan which is funny in itself) with his article “A Day In The Life Of A New England Patriots Fan”. His article appeared on that website that shows air brushed women and has articles that people allegedly read like this trash on January 7th.

playboy patriots fan hater

Then this Bungles loving clown decides to re-post this on Huffington Post only a few days after the Patriots lost to the Broncos in their bid to reach an incredible SEVENTH Super Bowl with the Hoodie and G.O.A.T. combo.

Guess it wasn’t funny 3 weeks ago and still isn’t now….so who is hatin’ on who Rob?

Mr. Fee, Patriots fans have every right to defend themselves and shield themselves from the Hate Train. Every team cheats, but the Patriots got the whistle blown on them for Spygate by a former employee, Eric Mangini who took part in “the cheating” when he was on Belichick’s staff.

Guess it was okay then, but not when it worked against him and the NYJ.

And we all know Deflategate is an utter disgrace when Tom Brady gets crucified for being “Generally Aware” of football pressure and Peyton Manning skates free while injecting HGH in his FIVEhead.

You all hate us because you aint us!

The Patriots weren’t always this good, we actually sucked so bad in the early 90’s that the team almost moved to f’n St. Louis, know that city who just lost their second franchise.

I have been a fan of this team for over 30 years (season ticket holder for 21), I have seen the GOOD (over the last 15 years), The BAD (most of the previous 40) & UGLY. So save your finger pointing , name calling and “humor” because We F*CKING EARNED THIS!

We stayed true to our hometown franchise and we are reaping the benefits….so sorry not sorry!

NOTE: Ok the goddess wearing the Pats shirt is WICKED HAWT!

Tom Brady Thanks The Fans In A Classy, Simple Fashion (PHOTO)

brady kraft

Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady fell short of his goal of reaching a mind blowing seventh Super Bowl and taking home his fifth Lombardi trophy. Even though not at his best, he fought to the last play of his tenth AFC Championship (still INCREDIBLE just writing all those achievements).

He took out some time to thank the fans for all their support in a classy, simple fashion….a hand written note.

Tom Brady Note

Truth be told, we should all be eternally grateful for witnessing the brilliance of the greatest quarterback to every play the game.

Rob Gronkowski Acknowledges The Broncos Play Dirty (TWEET)

Rob Gronkowski

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski knows that the Denver Broncos defense plays a bit dirty. He knows they go low and try to injure. As you may recall Gronk was injured back in November by a low blow and T.J. Ward who at the time played for the Brown blew out Gronk’s knee in 2013.

Gronk Tweet

Well Gronk the best revenge is to run them over and throw them out of the club!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the New England Patriots

brady kraft


  1. The New England Patriots are mentioned in the Game of Thrones books

Now you might think it would be nice to be written into a book, but any fans of the Game of Thrones book or television series will tell you otherwise. Any mention in one of George R. R. Martin’s books is likely to be followed by death or torture – especially when you remember that the author isn’t too fond of the Patriots. Indeed, Martin described the Patriots as the NFL’s answer to the Lannister family in an interview with Sports Illustrated, which considering that family gave us King Joffrey is not particularly flattering.

The mention in question happens in A Dance With Dragons  and appears to reference the Patriots 2007 season where the team were undefeated all season but lost to the Giants at Super Bowl XLII:

“The gallery was also where the ship’s books were kept… the fourth and final volume of The Life of the Triarch Belicho, a famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants.”

  1. The Patriots are the champions of the Post-Wembley Wave phenomenon

There’s a phenomenon that’s been travelling around the NFL for the past few years, a phenomenon that’s encouraging teams to make the trip abroad and play Wembley Stadium in London. That’s because it appears that any team who plays over in England sees an improvement in their performance when they return home according to statistics.

Known as the Post-Wembley Wave, the Patriots, after their visit to the English capital in 2012, went on to win their next five games. They are the only team in the NFL history to do this so far.

  1. New England Patriots wasn’t their first name

After Billy Sullivan bought the rights to a Boston-based NFL in 1959, the team were originally christened the Boston Patriots. That was until the team left Boston in 1971 and moved to Foxborough. Obviously the team needed a new name and it was here the Bay State Patriots were born.

However the NFL rejected the team name – and on good grounds! When abbreviated the team were the B. S. Patriots, a very poor marketing move. Thus the New England Patriots were born.

  1. Pat Patriot is the Patriot’s biggest legend

Everyone loves the New England Patriots iconic logo, Pat Patriot, but did you know he was created in just 45 minutes? Pat Patriot was originally penned by Phil Bissel in 1959 after his editor at the Boston Globe asked him to draw up a potential logo. The team loved the logo so much that they bought the logo for themselves.

The logo has changed a lot over the years, as seen in Bissel’s book PatsPa!, but Pat Patriot is still as recognizable as ever.

  1. The first thing Tom Brady ever said to Robert Kraft was…

Tom Brady is known for his confidence, and as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history his confidence is well justified. However, this confidence is nothing new. Indeed, when Brady was just 22, the first thing he said to Robert Kraft was: “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.” All while holding a pizza box under his arm.

Brady may just have been drafted to the Patriots as a fourth-string quarterback at the time but he was nevertheless very correct.



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