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NHL, Boston Bruins Making Efforts To WIN Back The Fans….Kind Of (VIDEOS)

Dan Rosen, I COMPLETELY agree. This video is an INSULT to the intelligence of hockey fans.

“They want the game to MEAN something. They want the game to MATTER.”

HAHA…that’s HILARIOUS. The NHL is promoting something they don’t even believe or care about.

Then NHL owners like those of the Chicago Blackhawks post form letters (probably from the LAST lockout) to their fans:


(SCREEN CAP: Chicago Blackhawks)



Are these guys kidding me?

Where is the LOYALTY to their fans?  Their customers!

OH YEAH, loyalty only works one way in their eyes.

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NHL Owners Ratify CBA , Jacobs & Bettman Say “Sorry” To Fans (What Bull Sh*t)

jeremy jacobs gary bettman 01

(MEME: Masshole Sports)

After 113 days of power plays, strong arming, propaganda, dying on hills and utter BS, the NHL lockout is over.

Hockey is back  and the fans can breathe a sigh of relief…finally…No wait!

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Chairman Of The Board/Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, continue to blow smoke up the fans’ asses. These two TURDS are responsible for losing over half the season, billions of dollars, tarnishing the brand (even more if that is possible) and costing local businesses/workers wages and revenue that they can NEVER get back.

So rather than shut the F*ck up and go count the billions under the mattresses…they need to INFURIATE their fans that continue to get kicked in the junk for the love of the game….

Today, the NHL Owners ratified the CBA.

Well that’s GRRRRREAT! Get ready for another lockout in 2023!

By a show of hands who believes he is sorry…..*crickets*……Bueller…..Bueller.

You don’t say Gary!?

For 10 years anyways….or maybe 8!

 Does anyone thinks this TWIT even knows what Twitter is?

10% off $12 Beers for a week!

 So committing professional sports suicide is growing the game? Did I MISS something?

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Tyler Seguin ENVY: Swiss Tabloid Says Bruins Star Was A SLOB


The NHL Lockout is FINALLY over and Bruins star Tyler Seguin is ready to continue his dominance. Seguin destroyed the Swiss league with EHC Biel by scoring 25 goals in 29 games.  The Bruins star did not renew his contract with hopes the lockout would end which it did this past Sunday.

Now it looks like the Swiss have a case of Tyler Seguin ENVY.

They were not too thrilled that he left.

Now the SWISS tabloids are reporting that Seguin was a full blown SLOB.

From DeadSpin:

The report comes from Swiss paper Blick, a tabloid through-and-through (it’s the kind of paper that made a photoshop to accompany the story). They spoke with the cleaning company hired to clean up Seguin’s rented apartment. As translated by The Local:

“The parquet floor was littered with coins worth 220 francs [$238],” Blick reported.

Coca-cola bottles, garbage and dirty linen lay scattered across the floor, while rotten bananas were left on a table, the newspaper said.

The bathroom was a shambles and the cleaning company spent a full day tidying the apartment.

In December, when Seguin returned to America, the staff were met with a similar stiff challenge.

Blick said the hockey player was “not versed in appliances” and as a result tried to wash his clothes in the dryer.

“He also did not know how to operate the dishwasher . . . when he ran out of clean plates, glasses and cutlery, he bought plastic tableware.”

Marc Lüpold, the managing director of the cleaning company, was diplomatic about the revelations.

“You could tell it was the first time a young, single man had an apartment,” Lüpold told Blick.

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Hockey Is Back: Let’s Go Bruins Billboards Pop Up Over Massachusetts (PHOTO)


(PHOTO: Twitter)

It’s NO surprise that Bruins fans are ELATED the NHL Lockout ended early on Sunday morning. It looks likes the LOVE for the greatest sport on earth is spreading across the Commonwealth’s (unless you are Jeremy Jacobs) highway billboards.

If you are really quiet, you can hear it already coming from the TD Garden…..


Boston Bruins BEATS & TWEETS: BitterSweet Swiss Goodbye To Seguin, Ference Loves Thorty’s Duster

BST&N’s Bruins BEATS & TWEETS will keep you updated on all the news OFF the ice about your favorite hockey team. We scour the internets & social media for all the content that will make you the Bruins “INSIDER” around the water cooler.

And to “try” to entertain you during this MADDENING work stoppage.


In this edition: Swiss Say Goodbye To Seguin, Tyler Hangin’ With Bergy & Ference Loves Shawn Thornton’s ‘Stache

BitterSweet Swiss Goodbye To Seguin


Bruins star Tyler Seguin did not renew his contract with Swiss league team EHC Biel,to play in the Spengler Cup and with hopes to return to the Bruins if the NHL Lockout ends.

There is NO DOUBT that he will be missed in the land of clocks and chocolate. So much so that Swiss news writer Beat Moning,  published an open letter to Seguin in the newspaper Bieler Tagblatt:

On 25 September you landed in Biel. A shy young man at first sight and after the first interviews. The first practice has already shown: What you will show us is Hockey at it’s finest. You played 29 Games for EHC Biel, scored 40 points. This alone says enough. But anyone who has seen and followed you through all these weeks can now really understand what hockey can be. Fine art. Sometimes you have taken a lot of risk, some passes didn’t arrive. Normal, you are only about 21 years old. On January 31 exactly on the same day that our Biel-born player Gaëtan Haas will get 21 years old. We would have liked to see you two together celebrating this anniversary with the team. Well you left us. We can not be angry. The contract expired, and you did not want to sign a contract till the end of the lockout. You will not only be remembered as the young man from Canada with the whimsical smile. What you have shown us on the ice, your speed, your technique, your eye for the right thing at the right moment and not least your hard shot, all this is unmatched in the 73-year history of EHC Biel. In other words, dear Tyler Seguin, you’ve made history in Biel. Even though you’ll probably never see this place again, we hope that you take one or the other positive memory with you to Boston. I’m sure one or the other people from the Seeland-region in Biel will come visit you in the National Hockey League. In order to remember a time that will never be forgotten. Thank you Tyler, all the best.

Damn and I thought I had a MAN CRUSH on “The Kid”.

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