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B’s Beat: Jimmy Fallon Awards WICKED Funny Superlatives To Some Bruins Players (VIDEO)


Jimmy Fallon has been hilarious as the new host of the Tonight show. He definitely has injected some SNL humor into a once stale late night program.

He’s so retarded…

Irregardless, Jimmy awarded some Boston Bruins Stanley Cup superlatives and they are WICKED funny…

The Chara one had me in stitches (see what I did there?)

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Bruins-Red Wings: Tuukka Rask Almost Struck By Octopus, Plays Angry & Pitches Shutout (GIF)


All Bruins fans want to thank the Detroit Red Wings tool bag that almost hit Tuukka Rask with an Octupus….


Good job pissing him off….all he did was shut your team out!

2 U’s 2 K’s TWO Goals In THREE Games…..


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B’s Beat: Former Bruins Defenseman Andrew Ference Volunteers At Boston Marathon (PHOTO)


You can take the man out of Boston, but you can NEVER take Boston out of the man.

Former Bruins defenseman and current Edmonton Oilers captain, Andrew Ference came back to his second home to volunteer at the Boston Marathon.

Seriously can you say enough about Andrew Ference?

He will be forever a Bruin and a Bostonian.

Bruins-Red Wings: Jesus Took A Break Being Savior & Attended The B’s Game (PHOTOS)


Looks like Jesus took a break being Savior on Easter and attended the Bruins-Red Wings game. He should be able to cheer on his favorite hockey team after a long day of moving stones and seeing all his new/part time parishioners attending mass.

If Jesus is on the Bruins’ side…..

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Bruins-Red Wings: Zdeno Chara Looks Into Brendan Smith’s Soul & Chuckles (GIF)


Looks like the Red Wings’ Brendan Smith didn’t get the memo when it comes to the Black & Gold Devourer Of Souls, Zdeno Chara.

You just don’t f*ck with him….ever.



Because odds are sh*t is going to go horribly wrong for you…

Only reason Brendan Smith is not a soulless, empty carcass right now is because his brother Reilly probably begged Z to have mercy on his brother’s being…

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