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GRONKonomics: The Final Exam (PHOTOS)

Welcome to the final GRONKonomics! If this post was a college course, this would be finals week (and the exam). But congratulations, if you read all the GRONKonomics Capital One memes, you will pass Gronkonomics 101 exam with flying colors.

gronk classroom gronkonomics101

Here are your final two financial lessons, students. Make sure to take some notes! You will be quizzed by professor Gronkowski.

12250188_10153749983153210_8616800871081001861_n The hardest part of saving money is getting started. But once you get into the habit, it is easy. Just remember that saving every penny counts!

Rob Gronkowski funny coin protein shake

That’s it for our #GRONKonomics posts!

Special thanks to you, the readers, and to Capital One, for the partnership with BST&N.

Visit any of the three Capital One Café locations in Boston to learn more about how you can save!

Behind the Scenes of The #GRONKonomics Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

Welcome back to the third edition of #GRONKonomics. In this post, Gronk supplies with more financial savings tips, once again brought to you by Capital One. The Boston Sports Then and Now team also had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Rob Gronkowski photo shoot set at a Boston Capital One location! We have behind the scenes images and a video of the photo shoot later in the blog post.

First, the financial tips – because I know you all could learn a little something about managing money. And who doesn’t like that?

Here’s this week’s advice:

November 17 November 20

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Gronk Texts Edelman About His Injury & Uses Some Odd Emojis (FUNNY)

Gronk Edelman

The Patriots will have to push on without their spark plug on offense, Julian Edelman after he broke his foot. That puts more pressure on the likes of Rob Gronkowski to pick up the slack.

Gronk decided to text his bro Julian Edelman to see how he was doing…..and the rest is EPIC…

gronk text 1

gronk 2

gronk text 3

gronk text 4

This didn’t happen or did it?

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Funny Or Die!


Gronkonomics: Gronk & Capital One Team Up (PHOTOS)



Are you financially irresponsible? Do you need to improve your spending habits? Well there is good news! The best personal financial advisor is in town, he goes by the name of Robert J. Gronkowski, and he can help get you reach your savings goals. That’s right, Capital One has teamed up with New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski to become your personal financial advisor, offering you FREE personal saving advice.


Become a baller on a budget – reach your financial goals, with Rob Gronkowski, Financial Advisor.

With 360 Savings from Capital One, use the My Savings Goals tool to create customized names for each of your savings goals. Set goals, track progress and celebrate saving milestones. And be sure to use the hashtag #GRONKonomics to tell Gronk how you save.



Visit any of the three Capital One Café locations in Boston to learn more.

And be sure to tune in to Boston Sports Then & Now for more financial savings tips from Gronk!

This Cutie Just Loves Gronk & Wants To Hang Out With Him (VIDEO)


She just loves Gronk and wants to hang out with him….and hang with him she did. Marleigh got a ride on the Gronk Party Bus.

Rob Gronkowski and his entourage did not disappoint breaking out in dance anywhere and everywhere.

This was certainly a life changing moment for Marleigh that she can tell her children and grand children about.

Gronk Channels The Ultimate Warrior & Macho Man In New Commercial (VIDEO)

Rob Gronkowski

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could easily have a career as a WWE superstar when his football playing days are over. Gronk has all the intangibles to be successful. He is a full blown nut, has a magnetic personality & he throws around his body with reckless abandon.

Check out his audition tape (commercial).

Gronk is a perfect mixture of the Ultimate Warrior & The Macho Man….

When are we going to see him at Wrestlemania?

I have a feeling very, very soon!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Wrestlezone!

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