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Celtics Tweets of Interest: C’s Inconsistent Play Continues

celticsThe Boston Celtics followed up their best win of the season to this point with back-to-back home losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Such is the fate of a young team who cannot play consistently from quarter to quarter.

On November 8th, the Celtics traveled to Chicago on the second night of a back-to-back and held onto a 106-101 over the Bulls. Both teams were without their star point guards. The Celtics’ Rajon Rondo had to get a screw removed from his surgically repaired left hand. Meanwhile, the Bulls’ Derrick Rose sat out with a sore hamstring that has forced him to miss several games early in the season.

In the 109-94 loss to the Thunder, the Celtics jumped out to an 18-3 advantage over a shorthanded Thunder squad. Reggie Jackson and Anthony Morrow (both players scored 28 points) led the Thunder backcourt in a second-half comeback to wipe out the Celtics. The Thunder shot 14-of-19 from the field in the fourth quarter. This was the most frustrating loss of the season because the Thunder have been reeling without Kevin Durant (fractured foot) and Russell Westbrook (broken hand). After a strong first quarter by the Celtics, their play fell off and they failed to show much effort in the second half.

The Celtics fell to the Cavaliers with another poor fourth quarter performance. The Celtics held a 19-point lead in the third quarter, but the Cavaliers were 13-of-17 from the free throw line in the fourth quarter. Kyrie Irving nailed three straight three-pointers to cut the Celtics’ lead to 10 and LeBron James posted 40 points to give the Cavaliers a 122-121 victory. The Celtics had a chance to win the game on their final possession, but Rondo was unable to get a shot off before the buzzer sounded.

The Celtics are 3-5 and the schedule does not get any easier. Their next game is at home on Monday against the Phoenix Suns, who just missed the playoffs last year in the stacked Western Conference.

Here are the notable tweets from this week:

The country celebrated Veterans’ Day on Tuesday. Rondo sent this tweet in support of the United States’ military who protect Americans and the world everyday.

ESPN had another great documentary on Randy Moss on Tuesday. The documentary depicted Moss’ upbringing in Rand, West Virginia. Moss reached stardom at Marshall University as a wide receiver, but he dealt with off-field problems throughout his college and early NFL career. The 6-foot-4-inch wide receiver is considered one of the best players of all-time. He broke Jerry Rice’s single-season record for touchdown catches (23) in 2007 with the New England Patriots. Celtics guard Marcus Thornton was one of the viewers for this special on Moss.

Celtics Tweets of Interest: Rajon Rondo Recommends “RoboCop;” Jared Sullinger Supports Alma Mater


The Boston Celtics have won four out of their six games in the month of February. They are entering the All-Star break on a sour note after their 104-92 defeat to the San Antonio Spurs.
With a week until the trade deadline, the rumors are swirling. Earlier this week, there were reports from the New York Daily News that Danny Ainge was shopping Jeff Green to the Atlanta Hawks. Sam Amick of USA Today mentioned the New York Knicks are willing to take Green or Gerald Wallace in a package that included Rajon Rondo. In the exchange, the Celtics would receive Amar’e Stoudemire and young players. Some Celtics fans are running a swap of Rondo for Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook in the ESPN Trade Machine.
The most likely scenario is Ainge will look to unload some of the bigger contracts such as Brandon Bass, Green, Kris Humphries, and Wallace for future draft picks or veterans on short deals. In New York, the Knicks are desperate to add another star next to Carmelo Anthony and they are still holding out hope that Ainge loses his mind. The Knicks do not have any first-round picks to offer unless they swap choices with the Celtics. While fans would like to dream of Westbrook and Kevin Love (reunite UCLA stars) in a Celtics uniform, it would not make any sense for Thunder General Manager Sam Presti to ship his injury-riddled point guard for another point guard who just returned from ACL surgery last month. This does not even take into account that the Thunder extended Westbrook’s contract last year while Rondo will become a free agent in the summer of 2015. While Ainge has been known to make bold moves, my prediction is if he does trade Rondo, then it will come this off-season. The Celtics still have a trade exception from the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce deal this past summer. There is a possibility that multiple moves could happen from the Celtics, but the team is looking to take unwanted money off their books.
The Celtics signed guard Chris Johnson to a contract for the rest of the season. Johnson will cost $320,000 and a non-guaranteed season for next year. This will give the Celtics time to develop Johnson or use him in a trade. The Celtics have one roster spot open and they have less than $1 million to use in a trade before the deadline on February 20th.
Here a couple of tweets while everyone enjoys All-Star Weekend:

Rondo wants his followers to go see the remake of “RoboCop.” The original film with Peter Weller and Joan Allen was great, but Hollywood doesn’t have any unique ideas. This new movie opens on Friday. Hopefully, Rondo is correct and this new “RoboCop” is just as good as the first one.

Sullinger is showing his support for his high school Alma Mater. The 6-foot-8-inch forward played for Northland High School in Columbus, Ohio.They are competing in the Ohio state tournament. Sullinger’s teammate was Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz.

Celtics Circuit: Jeff Green Must Take Aggressive Approach

Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green needs to reach his potential this season.

This is the first season in which forward Jeff Green has been completely healthy during his time with the Boston Celtics. Green was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Celtics in February 2011 for popular center Kendrick Perkins.

When the lockout was lifted in December, the Celtics’ medical staff found an aortic aneurysm in Green’s heart. He was forced to undergo season-ending surgery and there were doubts whether Green could return to the court. Green and the Celtics organization believed that Green would be back with the team for the following season.

Last year, Green made his return to the court. During the season, Green mainly came off the bench as he only started in 17 of the 81 games he made an appearance on the court. Green averaged 12.8 points per game and he became a force after point guard Rajon Rondo went down with a torn right ACL in a January 27th game against the Atlanta Hawks. Despite a 105-103 loss to the Miami Heat on March 18th, Green scored 43 points without Kevin Garnett in the lineup.

In Green’s time with the Celtics, he has played behind Paul Pierce. Pierce received more attention from opposing defenses. Since the Celtics sent Pierce and Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets this summer, opponents will try to neutralize Green and prevent him from going to his right when he attacks the net.

Green can play three different positions and he was the fifth overall pick of the 2007 NBA Draft. He also helped lead the Georgetown Hoyas to the Final Four in the 2007 NCAA Tournament. Throughout his career, Green has always been a reluctant star in which he can affect the game on so many different levels, but he disappears at times. He is a 6-foot-9-inch forward who can score and he has the length to defend top scorers like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Green has never found any consistency in his career. The Thunder traded Green to the Celtics because they already had Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They were not willing to hand Green a big contract.

With a rebuilding roster, Green will be asked to provide a significant chunk of scoring for the Celtics.He is also one of the few Celtics players who can create their own shot. Since the Celtics lack an experienced center, Green will have to improve his rebounding. Overall, the Celtics need Green to finally display the glimpses of potential he has shown throughout his career on a daily basis.

Without a go-to-scorer, the Celtics have struggled finishing out quarters in the preseason. During the regular season, Green must take an aggressive approach and he will be the player who is asked to make plays down the stretch in close games.

Will Green be ready to lead the Celtics?



Jeff Green Is Ready for 2012-’13 Season

Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green is excited to be back on the court after having surgery for an aortic aneurysm last December.

After being away from the game of basketball for a year, there is nobody who anticipates  the commencement of the 2012-’13 NBA season more than Boston Celtics forward, Jeff Green.

When the NBA lockout ended and teams began practicing in December, Green failed his physical due to an aortic aneurysm. The 6-foot, 9-inch Green had surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. During last year, he rehabbed and occasionally showed up at TD Garden to watch his teammates play.

Last week, Green said he was given full clearance to participate in everything. He signed a four-year, $36 million contract in August that gave him long-term security for a franchise that initially drafted Green out of Georgetown University. The Celtics selected Green with the 5th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft as part of an agreement with the then-Seattle SuperSonics for Ray Allen and the 35th choice (Glen Davis) in the same Draft.  The Celtics also sent Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak to the Sonics .

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How Would a Healthy Boston Celtics Roster Fare Against the OKC Thunder?

Imagine if Jeff Green and the Boston Celtics opposed Kendrick Perkins and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As the NBA Finals are underway between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder, take a minute to imagine if the Boston Celtics had a fully healthy roster with four of their key rotation pieces in the lineup during the playoffs. The Celtics would, most assuredly, have  the talent to possibly overcome LeBron James and the Heat.

These two organizations are brought together by a trade that appeared to help both sides. It has not played out that way. Kendrick Perkins has brought toughness and interior defense for the Thunder while Jeff Green was out for the 2011-’12 season when he underwent heart surgery for an aortic aneurysm.

Let’s take a look at how the Celtics would match up with the Thunder.

Guards: Celtics – Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Ray Allen, and Keyon Dooling

Thunder – Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, and Derek Fisher

The Celtics would use Bradley to pressure Westbrook up the court. Bradley could frustrate Westbrook and force turnovers or pressure him into putting up poor shots. Bradley would need to be lights out on the offensive end when he is shooting from the perimeter because the Thunder are strong in the open court with their speed and athleticism. Meanwhile the Thunder could use the six-foot-7-inch Sefolosha on Rondo in the halfcourt offense. Sefolosha caused problems for the San Antonio Spurs’ point guard Tony Parker in the Western Conference finals with his size and quickness. The Celtics would be in trouble if Rondo could not get any penetration to the basket. Rondo is faster and more creative than Parker. Sefolosha has similar skills to Bradley except he is bigger than Bradley.  Like the Thunder when Rondo and Bradley get in the open court, they cause problems. Allen and Fisher would create an interesting dynamic off the bench since they had prior Finals experience going head-to-head. They both can shoot the ball from beyond the arc. While they are older and slower, they can still be physical on defense. Dooling would be another perimeter threat off the bench while also providing leadership.

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Celtics Should Stay Pat As Trade Deadline Nears

If Dwight Howard becomes a free agent this summer, the Celtics have the resources to court Superman to play in Boston.

The sentiment among many basketball writers is that the Boston Celtics should just run their course for the rest of the season with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen until their contracts expire this summer. The trade deadline is looming and Celtics President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge has hinted at making moves.

The best plan would be to just let the batteries run out for the Big Three. While this is not the popular option, and  as tough as it is to watch knowing that the Celtics will not win a championship, the Celtics can play out a season that some expected would not even happen last September.

In the summer, the Celtics can entertain free agents. The Celtics will have room in their salary cap to sign a superstar like Dwight Howard as well as bring in solid players. Rajon Rondo is a top-five point guard in the NBA, but he is signed to a team-friendly deal where he is getting paid significantly less than other players like Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who just signed a maximum deal.  If Howard does not get traded before the trade deadline expires at 3 P.M. on March 15th, the Celtics have a chance of enticing him to come to Boston where he can make $20-plus million and play with a point guard with the talents of Rondo. With all due respect to Jameer Nelson, he does not have the playmaking ability of Rondo. The Celtics will have Paul Pierce under contract as long as Pierce does not retire.  Another selling point will be Doc Rivers. Rivers is one of the most well-liked coaches in the league because he is a former player and he can motivate his teams.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix said on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Show on Tuesday, “I honestly think the Celtics believe they are not out of the running for a guy like Dwight Howard.”

There are some solid unrestricted free agents like Kenyon Martin, Carl Landry, Matt Barnes, Josh Howard, Marco Belinelli, etc. All of these players can be solid role players off the bench and they are veterans. The signs point to Jeff Green coming back to the Celtics unless he pulls a 180, but it seems like Green is happy in Boston and he wants to play for the Celtics.

The draft will be filled with a group of players who stayed in college an extra year because of the impending lockout. There are many underclassmen like Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague, and possibly Rivers’ son, Austin, who could leave early. This year’s draft could include many prospects that are drafted late in the first round who could become superstars in the NBA.  The Celtics have two first round picks. Their other first round selection is top-10 protected, but the pick came from the Los Angeles Clippers via the Thunder. The Clippers will make the playoffs unless they completely collapse in these final two months.

Unless Ainge gets an offer that he can’t refuse, Celtics fans will have to watch the rest of the season enjoying the last run of the core group that revived the franchise. At least the future looks bright.