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Being A Bruins Fan Is Hazardous To Your Health

Official Drink Of Bruins Fans

Bottoms up!

This blog sponsored by Maalox, The Official Drink Of Bruins Fans.

Its time to combat the sour stomach and heartburn that the inconsistent play of the Boston Bruins induces.  Being a fan of the Boston Bruins is maddening and harmful to your digestive tract.

They make their fans bi-polar too. Incredible highs and devastating lows. They lose three in a row. Win an incredible seven games in a row with six of those victories being on the road. And how do they top that you ask?

Lose four in a row with one of those losses causing an international incident. As most of you know already, Bruins defenseman, Zdeno Chara drove the Habs Max Pacioretty into the “turnbuckle”. The Montreal forward sustained a severe concussion and fractured vertebrae.

Dirty hit?  That’s up for debate. These two players have had a history of chippyness going back to a January game in Montreal where Pacioretty shoved Chara after the game winning goal.

The NHL did not suspend Chara and then the idiocy ensued in Montreal. Fans flooded Police Emergency lines calling for Chara’s arrest and a criminal investigation has been opened up by Montreal authorities. As Michael Felger of 985 the Sports Hub said, it’s Yahoo-ism to the extreme. I guess they all forgot about Pacioretty’s hit on Mark Eaton.

So now the Bruins have the Habs fans, City of Montreal, and Air Canada calling for Chara’s head for a borderline dirty hit. Please refresh my memory, did Bruins fans flood 9-1-1 lines when Matt Cooke almost decapitated Marc Savard?

Did Mayor Menino call Pittsburgh police to open an investigation?

Did any American companies threaten to pull their sponsorship dollars?

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