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Sochi Olympics: Last 72 hours Proves Disastrous For Team USA Hockey

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Men's Semifinals-USA vs Canada

In just 72 hours hockey loving Americans had their hearts ripped out and shown to them. Devastation, frustration, anger and bewilderment are emotions supporters of Team USA are experiencing right now.

And it SUCKS

On Thursday, the United States women’s team had a 2-0 lead late in the third to see it evaporate in the blink of an eye. A portly post cost them Gold and Canada won the game in OT.



Could it get worse? Oh yeah it could.

Team USA men’s team was scoring goals by the barrels and were riding high heading into the medal semi-final round. They had a great shot to beat Team Canada then reality set in. Canada dominated them defensively and derailed their offensive machine.

I was watching the game helpless, screaming at my TV. Praying and hoping Team USA could hear me thousands of miles away. I was angry as the Red, White & Blue couldn’t muster anything against the Canadian defensive vice. They were beaten and their effort was mediocre at best.

Where was the desperation? The Fight?

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Sochi Olympics: This Open Letter To Team Canada Will Make You Proud To Be American (VIDEO)


Team USA & Team Canada are set to square off in what will sure to be another EPIC contest on Friday for the opportunity to play for Gold. This will be the re-match of the 2010 Gold Medal game in Vancouver that the Americans just fell short in overtime. The hockey gap between the two countries is growing smaller and smaller because even though this is “Canada’s Game”, most of America has embraced it as it’s own.

This open letter to Team Canada and it’s fans perfectly encapsulates America’s LOVE and RESPECT for the GREATEST sport on earth.

You can already hear the chants from Boston To Los Angeles already……U-S-A! U-S-A!


Bring home GOLD boys!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Big Bad Bruins Nation Member Bill M!

Sochi Olympics: Boston Bar Goes Bat Sh*t Crazy On Oshie’s Shootout Winner Vs. Russia (VIDEO)


The Olympic match-up between Team USA and Russia was one for the ages. The momentum shifts in the game were at neck breaking pace. The Russians were down and stormed back to take a 3-2 lead or so everyone thought. It looked like the U.S. was put behind the 8 ball with a rocket from the defense with less than 5 minutes left.

However, Team USA got a colossal break as goaltender Jonathan Quick had knocked the net off the pegs, but the officials never noticed until the go ahead score. The refs then waived off the goal and Team USA got their own “Tuck Rule” (a shitty rule but a rule none the less).

The game went to OT which Patrick Kane could have ended on a breakaway but he was denied by Russian netminder Sergei Bobrovsky. This epic battle fittingly went to the shootout where T.J. Oshie of the St. Louis Blues became a household name around the United States….

Oshie ended the game on the eighth round of the shootout and the country went BAT SH*T CRAZY especially these folks at this Boston Bar (yeah they were open at 730am EST)…

And Mike Napoli & Gronk did too….






Just imagine the celebration when they bring home GOLD!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To The Sports Grid!

Sochi Olympics: This Team USA Men’s Hockey Pump Up Video Will Give You Goose Bumps (VIDEO)


The ONLY thing better than Boston Bruins hockey is Team USA Olympic hockey. Even though I have Black & Gold running through my veins, my soul is RED, WHITE & BLUE.

Sorry Bergy, Z, Krejci, Loui & Tuukka, love ya come February 26th, but until then it’s all about the US Of A (yeah even you Kesler & Pacioretty)!

NO ONE is giving the United States a chance for Gold.

We like the “underdog” role just ask the British!

Screw The Doubters!

Bring it home boys!

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“Miracle On Ice” Legend Selling Some Valuable Gear


February 24, 1980. One of the proudest moments in USA Olympic history

February 24, 1980. One of the proudest moments in USA Olympic history

Do you happen to have a couple of million dollars just lying around?

Are you a sports memorabilia collector?

Do you love hockey?

Do you get chills whenever you hear this?

If your answer was “yes” to all of those questions, you are going to love the news I am about to share with you.

Eruizione can expect a nice chunk of change for those jerseys.

Eruizione can expect a nice chunk of change for those jerseys.

USA hockey legend Mike Eruzione has decided to sell some of his most cherished Olympic items. Eruzione has stated that he is not struggling financially, but he wants to leave something nice behind for his three children and his grandchildren.

Among the items being sold is a gold medal…but it doesn’t belong to Mike. It belongs to former USA forward Steve Christoff. The medal is expected to go for at least $400,000 but don’t worry collectors, there’s more!

Eruzione is also planning on selling his #21 jersey that he wore in Lake Placid 33 years ago. That jersey is expected to go for at least 1 million dollars (the highest selling hockey memorabilia item ever went for 1.2 million). The other items and their expected prices are the stick Eruzione used to score the game winning goal against the Russians ($50,000), his #21 blue jersey worn in the gold medal game ($200,000), the glove he wore to the podium to accept the gold medal ($10,000) and the jump suit he wore when receiving the medal ($10,000).

That is a lot of cash for those of you keeping track. There is also a very good chance that these items end up with someone who isn’t even a big hockey fan. These items stand for something more than just hockey, they stand for patriotism and pride in a nation. The win itself was a big deal because the Russian team, a heavy favorite, was filled with professionals while team USA was all amateurs.

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Top 10 Man Tears Moments in Boston Sports 10-6

Men have shed plenty of Man Tears because of Boston Sports.

Man Tears \man teers\


The effect on human males during times of ultimate jubilation or extreme devastation. Usually associated with Boston Sports teams (i.e. Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox).

Now that we got the dictionary definition of Man Tears out of the way, let me share with you my personal Top 10 Man Tears Moments in Boston Sports.

Sit back and shed some Man Tears with me. Remember guys don’t cry or weep, but Man Tears escape our eyes when witnessing sports ecstasy and/or travesty.

#10-Boston Bruins Lose To Carolina In Playoffs (2009)

Scott Walker's goal caused my Man Tears to freeze in horror.

The Bruins always find ways to break our Black and Gold hearts. After ousting Montreal in four straight games for their first playoff series win in ten years, Boston trails the upstart Canes three games to one.

Boston shut out Carolina in Game Five 4-0 then won Game Six in Raleigh to force a decisive Game Seven. The game would go to OT before Carolina’s cheap shot artist, Scott Walker pushed the winning goal past Tim Thomas.

My Man Tears couldn’t flow from my eyes because they were frozen in disbelief and horror. Did the Bruins just lose to the Whalers, I mean Hurricanes?!

Wait until next year…..again.

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