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Tom Brady Thanks The Fans In A Classy, Simple Fashion (PHOTO)

brady kraft

Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady fell short of his goal of reaching a mind blowing seventh Super Bowl and taking home his fifth Lombardi trophy. Even though not at his best, he fought to the last play of his tenth AFC Championship (still INCREDIBLE just writing all those achievements).

He took out some time to thank the fans for all their support in a classy, simple fashion….a hand written note.

Tom Brady Note

Truth be told, we should all be eternally grateful for witnessing the brilliance of the greatest quarterback to every play the game.

Patriots – Broncos: Fitzy’s Back, Taiwan Time & Five Heads (VIDEOS)

tom brady

The big game is almost upon us and our favorite Townie Fitzy is back to give his take on the Patriots – Broncos game. Of course his commentary is WICKED PISSAH as always.

And there’s more….

That crazy cartoon crew from Taiwan has their wacky take on how Brady vs. Manning 17 will go down.

And we wrap up with this piece of internet gold, Peyton Manning has a big greasy FIVE Head….

That was a nice comedic respite, but is it 3pm on Sunday yet??!?!

You can kill some more time watching 2016 super bowl commercials!

Pot of Baked Beans Goes To Off The Monster!

Peyton Manning Leaves Voicemail For His Bromaha, Tom Brady (VIDEO)

peyton manning

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is up to his old tricks. It is calling his bromaha, Tom Brady ad “trying” to play mind games prior to their 17th head to head meeting with a trip to Super Bowl 50 on the line.

You may remember that old horse face tried these tactics back in 2014 and it worked, but he also could throw a football more than five feet back then. This time he needs a strong wind and a whole 55 gallon drum of HGH.

Peyton, kudos for trying to make this a rivalry because the Brady – Manning debate has been over for years.


tom brady

Because after Sunday, you will be able to work full time at Papa John’s making pies covered in your tears!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To My Co-Worker Ryan M.!

The Most Holy & Accurate Tom Brady Jersey (PHOTO)

Tom Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is about to start his 10th, yes people outside of New England you read that right, 10th AFC Championship game. That is more than some franchises have played in their histories. And let’s not forget the utter ridiculous six super bowl starts and four championships.

I mean Tom Brady is bordering on full blown gridiron deity plus he is married to a goddess….

tom brady god jersey

So I believe this Tom Brady jersey is 100% accurate.

Broncos fans when you are saying your prayers this week…..

tom brady



Pot of Baked Beans To Goes To Fitzy!

This Patriots Star Wars Playoff Pump Up Is Strong With The Force (VIDEO)

Patriots Montage

After my family and friends, I love three things….

The Boston Bruins

The New England Patriots

Star Wars

And this awesome playoff montage has 2 of the 3…..

On January 16th, the Patriots led by Darth Hoodie and Tom Ringwinner will begin their drive for Lombardi Five….

There has been an awakening…..and the NFL will surely feel it!

Boston Gas Station Showcases Love For Tom Brady (PHOTOS)

Gas Station in Allston, Boston - Brady For President. Vote Brady.

This “Vote Brady” sign is currently posted on the wall outside of a Gulf Gas Station located in Allston near Harvard Stadium. This isn’t the first time that this gas station has represented the hometown Patriots. They also put this up during the Deflategate scandal during the summer.

Gas station patriots

If you’re a Patriots fan, I recommend filling up on gas here. And if you’re not a Patriots fan… then don’t bother getting gas here. Welcome to Boston, Loosah! Hope you don’t run out of gas.



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