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Boston Gas Station Showcases Love For Tom Brady (PHOTOS)

Gas Station in Allston, Boston - Brady For President. Vote Brady.

This “Vote Brady” sign is currently posted on the wall outside of a Gulf Gas Station located in Allston near Harvard Stadium. This isn’t the first time that this gas station has represented the hometown Patriots. They also put this up during the Deflategate scandal during the summer.

Gas station patriots

If you’re a Patriots fan, I recommend filling up on gas here. And if you’re not a Patriots fan… then don’t bother getting gas here. Welcome to Boston, Loosah! Hope you don’t run out of gas.



This Tom Brady Ugly Sweater Is The G.O.A.T (PHOTO)

Tom Brady ugly Sweaster

I attended the Patriots sixth straight win at Gillette stadium, a 30-23 victory over the hated New York Jets. Almost as fantastic as the outcome, is what I saw on the concourse near the section 336 stairs.

My buddy and I saw a gentleman wearing a Pats onesie.

It was friggin wicked pissah…..

But there was more….just like Clark Kent opens his shirt to expose the Superman logo this dude opened his Patriots footy pajamas to unveil the greatest ugly sweater of all time (no not the one above)……Tom F’n Brady!

tom brady ugly sweater

This dude probably got dirty sweaty, ugly sweater nookie in a port-o-potty in the P10 parking lot after the game.

If you want to be like this guy or be with this guy, get your TB12 Ugly Sweater here!


Colts Fans Release Beer That Trolls Tom Brady & The Patriots (PHOTO)

patriots colts

Those damn Colts fans will never learn. I guess they NEVER heard of Karma.

Their team is a bunch of rats.

They cheer on a franchise that they stolen from Baltimore and they revel in “AFC Finalist” banners.

Now they brew beer called “Deflator Doppelbock”. Indianapolis brewery Flat 12 (named after Colts QB Andrew Luck who has been nothing but flat vs. the Pats) Bierwerks has created this swill that trolls on Tom Brady & The Patriots which will be released today.

defator beer

Colts fans enjoy this pint of piss as Patriots fans will savor a warm bowl of this….

tears of ouir enemies

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Jerry Thornton!

INDY GFY: Fitzy’s Message To The Colts & Their Fans (VIDEO)


The time is finally upon.


Our favorite townie Fitzy Fitzgerald has a special video message to the Colts and their fans on the eve of Patriotsgeddon in Indianapolis!

NO ONE likes rats or stool pigeons or jealous b*tches.

The Hoodie and TB12 are going to rain fire and brimstone on your pathetic little franchise (which you stole from Baltimore in the middle of the night CHEATING a whole fan base from their team).

Prediction: Pats 55 Colts 3

tom brady

So Jim Irsay start popping your pills ow, it’s going to be a long f’n night!


Behind The Scenes With Tom Brady On His New Watch Commercial (VIDEO)

tom brady

When the greatest quarterback of all time is not laying waste to the NFL, Tom Brady is racking up the money with endorsements. His latest venture….TAG Heuer watches.

TB12 needs a reliable watch so he can be on time as he exacts his revenge on Roger Goodell’s league.

Hope his opponents know it’s two minutes to midnight…..

Pot of Baked Beans Goes To BST&N Blogger Nate Fishman!

Proof That Evolution Has Skipped Over Buffalo Bills Fans (VIDEO)

buffalo bills fans

Buffalo Bills fans must be crying in the shower still after the Patriots lit them up like the Fourth of July. Tom Brady (or the lady as Bills fans called him) threw for 466 yards and 3 TDS as the Pats rammed a 40 burger down the Bills throats.

I have never heard a fan base that has won absolutely NOTHING EVER, talk more sh*t. Here is some footage of Buffalo Bills fans delusions of grandeur….


Well Buffalo, yet again you are one pump chump.

You blew your wad in your pants before that blonde smokeshow even got her shirt off….

Thanks for the laughs and chuckles….your little Mafia is quite adorable like a box of stray rabies infested kittens.

Good try! Good Effort!

Enjoy watching the Patriots in January because you will have nothing else to do because the Sabres are going to blow too…

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